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Tulsa King S01e02

Tyson: Why'd you go to jail?Dwight: I didn't go to jail. I went to prison. Jail's like a five-star resort they put you in before they send you to prison.Tyson: So, what'd you do?Dwight: Ah, I tore the tongue outta this guy who kept asking so many stupid questions.Tyson: That's a bit excessive, don't you think?Dwight: I'm impressed.

Tulsa King s01e02

He's still a criminal, though, and sending bundles of cash through the mail on someone else's credit card will have to come up later in the story. He's not stupid enough to attach his name to that, and he knows that cash is still king, even if we lean hard on the fake stuff.

Stacy has a lot going on in her life, and her predilection for drinking and her therapy visit indicate she's got a yen for mayhem. Who better to spice up her life than a mafia capo who looks a hard 55 and puts her job on the line?

She says she won't be able to step in but saying it leans toward the opposite. She could be his eyes and ears on the ground, warning him of impending doom. With as quickly as he's looking to increase revenue, having her in his pocket will be a very good thing.

Dwight is right about the financial opportunity available by going off-book with some illegal weed, too. The clientele is already coming in the door, and just by looking at them, you can tell they were stoners far before medical marijuana was introduced.

Now an old man himself, Dwight sees the error of his ways and is even a little disappointed that Tyson and Bodhi don't cite their fathers as their heroes. But really, Dwight was thinking about the love he squandered as a father more than the love he didn't shower on his. 041b061a72


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