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History Of The Christian Church, Volume I: Apos...

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History Of The Christian Church, Volume I: Apos...

In virtue of this original purity, vigor, and beauty, and the permanent success of primitive Christianity, the canonical authority of the single but inexhaustible volume of its literature, and the character of the apostles, those inspired organs of the Holy Spirit, those untaught teachers of mankind, the apostolic age has an incomparable interest and importance in the history of the church. It is the immovable groundwork of the whole. It has the same regulative force for all the subsequent developments of the church as the inspired writings of the apostles have for the works of all later Christian authors.

It would be difficult to find three men equally great and good, equally endowed with genius sanctified by grace, bound together by deep and strong love to the common master, and laboring for the same cause, yet so different in temper and constitution, as Peter, Paul and John. Peter stands out in history as the main pillar of the primitive church, as the rock apostle, as the chief of the twelve foundation stones of the new Jerusalem; John as the bosom friend of the Savior, as the son of thunder, as the soaring eagle, as the apostle of love; Paul as the champion of Christian freedom and progress, as the greatest missionary, with the care of all the churches upon his heart, as the expounder of the Christian system of doctrine, as the father of Christian theology.

It's also important to recognize that Luke's gospel has a companion volume.Luke is by the same author as the Book of Acts in the New Testament, the bookthat tells the story of the beginnings of the Christian movement and downthrough the time of Paul's career. And it's very clear from the way the twobooks open up, and the prologue to each one, that we're working with the sameauthor and that the narrative continues from one to the next. So the author ofLuke/Acts, and that's what we call them now, that's a two-volume work, theauthor of Luke/Acts is telling us a bigger story, a grander story, a story thatstarts with Jesus and is concerned with how his life played out , but then seesthe story continuing with the founding of the church and with its spread andwith the eventual travels of Paul that take him to Rome itself. It's a storywith a much greater political self consciousness. It's a story told from theplateau of history. Indeed Luke/Acts is the first attempt to write a historyof the Christian movement from the inside.

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This series offers brief, accessible, and lively accounts of key topics within theology and religion. Each volume presents both academic and general readers with a selected history of topics which have had a profound effect on religious and cultural life.

Provides sophisticated and authoritative overviews of periods of ancient history, genres of classical literature, and the most important themes in ancient culture. Each volume comprises approximately twenty-five and forty concise essays written by individual scholars within their area of specialization.

In this book it is worthy of note that no mention is made of the writing by Paul of any of his epistles. This may be accounted for by the fact that the writer confined himself to a history of the planting of the church, and not to that of its training or edification. The relation, however, between this history and the epistles of Paul is of such a kind, i.e., brings to light so many undesigned coincidences, as to prove the genuineness and authenticity of both, as is so ably shown by Paley in his Horae Paulinae. "No ancient work affords so many tests of veracity; for no other has such numerous points of contact in all directions with contemporary history, politics, and


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