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Malgudi Days [complete 39 Episodes]. Built From Personal Grid Have


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Malgudi Days: A Classic Indian TV Series You Can Watch Online

If you are looking for a nostalgic and heartwarming TV show to binge-watch, you might want to check out Malgudi Days, a classic Indian series based on the short stories of R. K. Narayan. Malgudi Days is a collection of tales set in the fictional town of Malgudi, where you can meet various characters and witness their joys and struggles. The series was first aired on Doordarshan in 1986, and was filmed in both English and Hindi languages. It was directed by Shankar Nag, who also played some roles in the show. The series has 39 episodes in total, each one featuring a different story from Narayan's books.

Malgudi Days is widely regarded as one of the best Indian TV shows ever made, and has won several awards and accolades. It has also been praised for its authentic portrayal of rural India, its simple yet profound storytelling, and its memorable music composed by L. Vaidyanathan. The series has a universal appeal, as it explores themes such as human nature, morality, friendship, family, love, and faith. Some of the most popular episodes include "Swami and Friends", "The Vendor of Sweets", "The Missing Mail", "A Horse and Two Goats", and "The Antidote".

If you want to watch Malgudi Days online, you can find the complete 39 episodes on YouTube, uploaded by Ultra Bollywood. You can also buy the DVD set from Amazon or Flipkart. Alternatively, you can read the original books by R. K. Narayan, which are available in various formats and languages. Malgudi Days is a timeless classic that will make you laugh, cry, and think. It is a perfect show to watch with your family or friends, or even by yourself. So don't miss this opportunity to revisit the charming world of Malgudi Days.

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Malgudi Days Cast and Crew: A Talented Team of Actors and Artists

One of the reasons why Malgudi Days is such a captivating show is the talented cast and crew who brought Narayan's stories to life. The series features some of the finest actors and artists from the Indian film and television industry, who gave memorable performances and created a realistic atmosphere of Malgudi. Some of the notable names include Anant Nag, Girish Karnad, Shankar Nag, Vishnuvardhan, Arundathi Nag, Dina Pathak, Ramesh Bhat, Harish Patel, Deven Bhojani, and Master Manjunath. The series also introduced some new faces, such as Afna Aravind, Preetham Aithal, and Niharika Gowda, who played the roles of Prakruthi, Lakshminarayana Malgudi, and Radha respectively in the 2020 film adaptation of Malgudi Days.

The series was produced by T.N. Narasimhan, who was also a close friend of R. K. Narayan. The series was written by Sameer Rajda, who adapted Narayan's stories for the screen. The series was directed by Shankar Nag, who was also an actor, writer, and musician. He was known for his innovative and experimental style of filmmaking, and he used various techniques such as flashbacks, voice-overs, montages, and freeze frames to enhance the narrative. He also played some roles in the series, such as Venkatesh in "The Antidote" and "The Watchman". He died in a car accident in 1990, at the age of 35.

The series was also praised for its music, which was composed by L. Vaidyanathan and Shaarang Dev. The music was inspired by Carnatic classical music and folk tunes, and it captured the mood and essence of Malgudi. The theme song of the series is one of the most recognizable tunes in Indian television history. The series also featured some songs sung by popular singers such as S.P. Balasubrahmanyam, K.J. Yesudas, S. Janaki, P.B. Sreenivas, and Vani Jairam.

Malgudi Days: A Cultural Phenomenon


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