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In Ya Mellow Tone 105 Goon Trax


In Ya Mellow Tone 105 Goon Trax

In Ya Mellow Tone 105 Goon Trax: A Celebration of 10 Years of Hip-Hop and Jazz Fusion

In Ya Mellow Tone 105 Goon Trax is a compilation album released in 2016 by Goon Trax, a Japanese independent record label that specializes in hip-hop and jazz fusion music. The album features 24 tracks by various artists who have collaborated with Goon Trax over the past decade, such as re:plus, Robert de Boron, Still Caravan, GEMINI, Acro Jazz Laboratories, Hidetake Takayama, and more.

The album showcases the signature sound of Goon Trax, which blends smooth jazz melodies with hip-hop beats and rap vocals. The tracks cover a range of themes, from love and heartbreak to faith and inspiration. Some of the highlights include "Time Goes By" by re:plus featuring Hydroponikz and Anika, a nostalgic song about growing older and cherishing memories; "Shine A Light Pt.2" by Robert de Boron featuring Awa and Oldwun, a uplifting song about finding hope and guidance in dark times; "Mend Your Broken Heart" by Still Caravan featuring Sam Ock and Ai Ninomiya, a soothing song about healing from a breakup; and "God Made You Beautiful" by GEMINI featuring JonWonder, a romantic song about appreciating one's partner.

In Ya Mellow Tone 105 Goon Trax is a perfect album for fans of hip-hop and jazz fusion music, or anyone who enjoys relaxing and mellow tunes. The album is available on Apple Music[^1^], Spotify[^2^], and YouTube[^3^].

Goon Trax was founded in 2006 by DJ Chika, a veteran DJ and producer who has been active in the Japanese hip-hop scene since the early 1990s. DJ Chika wanted to create a label that would showcase the diversity and creativity of hip-hop music, especially the subgenre of jazz rap, which incorporates jazz influences and samples into rap beats and lyrics. He also wanted to bridge the gap between Japanese and international hip-hop artists, and promote cultural exchange and collaboration through music.

Since its inception, Goon Trax has released over 100 albums by various artists, both domestic and foreign. Some of the notable artists who have worked with Goon Trax include Steph Pockets, Incise, SoulChef, Nieve, CL Smooth, Substantial, Kero One, Othello, Emancipator, Marcus D, and more. Goon Trax has also organized several live events and tours in Japan and abroad, featuring its roster of artists and guests. Some of the popular events include In Ya Mellow Tone Live, Goon Trax Japan Tour, Goon Trax Asia Tour, and Goon Trax Europe Tour.

Goon Trax is widely recognized as one of the leading labels in the Japanese hip-hop scene, and has gained a loyal fan base both domestically and internationally. The label's signature compilation series, In Ya Mellow Tone, has sold over 200,000 copies worldwide, and has been praised for its quality and consistency. The series features a mix of new and old tracks by Goon Trax artists and affiliates, as well as exclusive remixes and collaborations. In Ya Mellow Tone 105 Goon Trax is the latest installment of the series, and marks the 10th anniversary of the label. aa16f39245


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