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Source-code for the primary flight display, the autopilot, the ATC/navigation interface, navigation, and the traffic which feeds it is made available to all software providers. These include the Vichy Corporation, Navia, Vuselas, and the European Space Agency (ESA) included in the system which provide Air Traffic Management and Radar data, as well as the US Civil Air Patrol (CAP).

Payloads are delivered by a 1955-era C-117 that calls at either starting or finishing points in the upper atmosphere as well as at the altitudes used for broadcasting FM radio stations. The mission profile is dependent upon the target points, and is estimated to take about 8-10 hours. The source code for the primary flight display is not publically released.

The software is similar in concept to the Shuttle Launch Abort System (LLAS), however, the payload is released from higher altitudes than the Shuttle, fly's on more than one orbit, and allows partially automated release of the payload aircraft to free the operator for other duties.

The mission profile, which is publicly unknown, is estimated to take 10 hours from the initial launch in the stratosphere, to touchdown of the mission aircraft and payload. d2c66b5586


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