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Buy Radiator


Purchase a radiator by hitting tab and selecting the store window and searching for a radiator. Once you have the radiator mount it by hovering over the mount area and choosing left click to 'pay and place'

Click and hold on the glowing parts until the radiator is assembled (in some occasions you may need to pull in the desired direction as well). You will automatically leave this mode once it is complete.

Turn directly around and you'll see a space to mount a sink. Purchase the 'Mountable Sink' and assemble it on the wall. This takes a bit longer than assembling a radiator but is still much the same process.

Radiators help dissipate heat by passing through a coolant into the car engine, a critical function that ensures the vehicle will keep running within acceptable parameters. While radiators are not overly cheap, they are much less expensive than replacing an engine. A centrifugal pump transfers the coolant from the overly hot engine to the radiator, which then cools down the liquid by transferring that heat into the air to reduce the temperature before the liquid is returned to the engine to begin the process again.

The staggering variety of radiators on the market today makes choosing one challenging to all but the most knowledgeable driver. Key factors include airflow, tubing, construction, and cost. Here are a few things to consider when making a decision on buying a radiator:

YourMechanic supplies top-quality radiators to our certified mobile technicians. We can also install a radiator that you've purchased. Click here to get a quote and more information on radiator replacement.

A cover can be as minimal as a topper, which just sits atop the radiator. Or it can be a box that you purchase or build to cover the radiator on the top and three sides. Its main purpose is to disguise an unattractive radiator.(new Image()).src = ' =2ba02a33-c319-4410-bba7-f8321a13bed3&cid=877050e7-52c9-4c33-a20b-d8301a08f96d'; cnxps.cmd.push(function () cnxps( playerId: "2ba02a33-c319-4410-bba7-f8321a13bed3" ).render("00499ba9282e4d1b985fa8af14d29c2b"); );

You have two style choices: a topper that goes above the radiator, or a cabinet covering the top and three sides. Covers should have openings on the top and all sides for heat circulation. Both styles should be sturdy, especially if you plan to use the top as a shelf. Toppers are typically made of wood. Materials commonly used to make cabinets (covers) include: