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Maksim Romanov

Lovely Reese Southern Charms

Here is another boutique that we think you will like. This is located in a different part of Nashville called the Gulch which you will likely have dinner in or go walk around to shop and drink. Draper James was founded by the lovely, Reese Witherspoon so naturally we like this place because it is steeped in SOUTHERN CHARM. Even if you don't end up buying anything here you should still go because it is beautiful. There is also a cute mural right outside that you and your Nashville bachelorette group can take photos in front of. If you want to see some southern outfits you should go to their instagram here. I definitely think buying these "What would Dolly do" t-shirts and wearing these around Nashville with flower crowns from our workshops would be ADORABLE. Let's make it happen, ladies!

lovely reese southern charms

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