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As for downloadable goodies, Dante's Inferno gets a new add-on in the form of The Trials of St. Lucia, Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter arrives for the Xbox 360 and PC FIFA 23 coins, and Tecmo Bowl: Throwback kicks off on the PS5 and Xbox 360. For further details on the week's games, visit MMOexp's New Releases page. The full list of downloadable games on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live Marketplace, and Wii Shop Channel will be revealed later in the week. Release dates are based on retailer listings and are subject to change.

LEIPZIG, Germany--Like many EA Sports games, FIFA seems like a perfect match for the Wii and its motion-sensitive controller. After all, there are loads of movements made in the game that could be replicated with the controller: running, throw-ins, and goal kicks to name but a few. While the developer has made an effort to replicate some of these physical actions on Nintendo's console, it's also taken this opportunity to make a game accessible to non-football game players. We got a chance to see the results for the first time at the Leipzig Game Convention 2007.

FIFA 23's control system is split into an advanced mode, which uses both the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk, as well as a family mode that uses just the Wii Remote. The family mode hands control of the players to the computer artificial intelligence, allowing people who are not used to football games to just control the passing and shooting. The advanced control system, on the other hand, uses a mixture of button presses, as well as control stick and physical movements to handle the onscreen action. Players are moved using the Nunchuk's control stick, while A passes, B is a through ball, Z sprints buy FUT 23 coins, and C enables tricks. Shots and tackles are performed by moving the Wii Remote up in the air, with the speed and height of the movement dictating the power of the shot. You can also move the Wii Remote to one side to add swerve to the shot.


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