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Aion Servers Download !LINK!

Download ->->->->

Aion Servers Download !LINK!

On Aion America we have a few Default languages in our client and we have a few that you can download here and apply to your client. You can choose your language and download on the link below:

Hi, a friend of mine tries to download the game for 2 days now. Both launcher and torrent download are very very slow (via launcher it didn't even start after 13+ hours). Now with 79% via torrent he gets the message "error: data error (crc check)". No Aion downloading before or known issues with the hard disk. Do you have any ideas to make the download possible

Do you joke 9 days today...after last week maintence im starting to solved the im 7th day to try to downloaded and still stuck in 90% from yesterday night!! i thought that i must try another game in the end!!

I also have almost the same problem. Namely, I had downloaded the Japanese language pack last week. I deleted the sound folder after 2 days because I wanted to have the German language pack again. When I suddenly started the client now he told me that a game update would be available which he did not show me before. I deinstaled the game and then reinstalled it. Trozdem he also shows me that NEN update is available. I can start the game troz all normally and play without it makes any impact. How do I get that he does not start me every time the game says that an update is available If I want to download the update takes forever with the download.

aiDPSMeter is a network-based information tool for Aion. aiDPSMeter shows damage, heal and animation speed, PvP instances progress with participants list, information about characters and current servers online. We recommend to use library Npcap to capture Aion information from network.

so i saw this and got soooo excited 4.6 were the golden days for me but even though i have all my fire walls dropped completely the launcher will not download the game, it just says "preparing for download" but never actually starts. please help

Something else is blocking the download. The files can't be written to the game folder or can't be downloaded generally. Think of the other programs of settings that can be stopping the launcher from downloading the file

Hi, I had to format my laptop today and download aion classic again. I don't understand what's going on though originally when i first downloaded classic it was only 15GB and not it's 35GB. I installed it anyway took half the day. I tried running the game and now it's not showing any server but Katalam.<