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[S3E6] P.S. I Love You

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Will becomes the "love slave" of a flamboyant generous plain student named Lindsey. Will accepts many expensive gifts off her including tickets to the Los Angeles Lakers game, a Harley Davidson and a jacket emblazoned with a motif of his hero Malcolm X. In the end she reveals actually she does not even like him and she was doing this for his attention for her own gains regarding image, because he was captain of basketball and lots of other girls do like him.

In the previous episode of Poldark, Drake's love of unfunny toad pranks almost got him killed, Morwenna was forced into marrying a toe-gobbling goblin, and Doc waged a crusade against macarons and sex with his wife. Will Drake get shot at or imprisoned again, cementing his reputation as the Suge Knight of 18th-century Cornwall? Will Morwenna let her toe nails grow really long as a defense mechanism against her new husband's foot fetish? Will Doc's PTSD stop hogging all the screen-time so we can get a Horace the Pug storyline or two? Only one way to find out! On with the show!

Philip: No, it's about Judge Robertson. You know, he is sitting up on that bench for all the wrong reasons. Unless somebody runs against him, he'll be up there forever.Vivian: Well, who'd you have in mind?Philip: Oh, I don't know. Somebody dynamic, principled. Someone who looks good in a black robe.Vivian: Jesse Jackson?Philip: No, me.Vivian: [laughs] I know, baby. I always thought you'd make a fabulous judge.Philip: Oh. You sure, baby? I mean, this could mean big changes for all of us.Vivian: I know, but it could also mean big changes for the people in this city. Maybe for the better.Philip: I love you, Vivian.Vivian: I love you, too, Philip. [laughs] Get your hands off my chocolate, or you're a dead man.

Will: Lindsey, what's up?Lindsey: I had a great time the other night. It was magic.Will: What did you do?Lindsey: I'm talking about us, silly. I didn't want the night to end.Will: Well, you know, nights do that sometimes.Lindsey: Look, Will. Since we had so much fun the other night, I was wondering if we could spend some time together.Will: Look, Lindsey. I mean, I'd really love to... I mean... But I have obligations. I have commitments. I have... a gold watch.Lindsey: So how about a little thank-you kiss?Will: [kisses the watch] Thank you.

As a movie star and rich and powerful woman in Hollywood, Lucille Ball was frequently seen in fur in private life. For most of the 20th century, fur was seen as a mark of status and wealth. Shortly after this episode first aired, Ball got her first mink coat. She loved it so much and was so proud of its that she, like Lucy Ricardo, wore it all the time.

Look at his stance, the way he moves his hands clasped in front of him. Remember that scene in Ballarat Train? Of course you do. They're standing on top of the caboose and we see the same stance, the same affected and knowing air when he tells her that his suspect is "such a difficult customer" that he's "come to beg her help." Only this time, he puts it all on the line, his words carefully chosen. I love that he captures her attention completely when he refers to her as "Fisher the Younger" and there is something lovely about the fact that he doesn't shy away from comparing her to her father. He refuses to burden her with her parentage and somehow even manages to celebrate it in a way she can appreciate - both resourcefulness and unpredictability traits that she prizes. But, he doesn't beg for her help. Doesn't even say please. He simply puts it in no uncertain terms: he doesn't want to do it without her.

So she acquiesces, warning Jack that her father is not as "charming and harmless as he appears to be." And of course, the Baron turns on the charm when Jack addresses him formally as Lord Fisher, telling him "No airs and graces between us, Jack. Please just call me Henry." LOL. That's not going to happen in a hurry. Though Fisher the Elder takes his own latitude and determinedly does not address Jack as Ins


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