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[OP] 1 Jump Every Second Script - Auto Farm Wi... [NEW]

1) Make sure the script is running with Admin privilege(Right-Click on script, Run As Administrator) -Explanation: Some games run at admin level and AHK does not typically run with this privilege set. 2) Switch the game settings from 'Full Screen' mode to 'Windowed' or (I prefer) 'Borderless Windowed' mode. -Explanation: DirectX draws the screen in a manner different from Windows, this can cause things like colors being reported wrong, mouse jumping to the 'wrong' coords, and it can just plain prevent the game from registering the input at all. 3) A lot of times Keypresses need to be held down longer than normal for the game to fully register it. -Explanation: Usually caused by DirectX(DirectInput). It 'polls' the keyboard every 15ms(varies slightly) and records the keys that are down, then 15ms later it takes another 'snapshot' and compares the two. This is how games allow you to hold two(or more) keys at the same time, but very fast(sub 10-15ms) inputs can fall between snapshots and the game never sees the keypress. If your script is very twitchy and seems

[OP] 1 Jump Every Second Script - Auto Farm Wi...

the game doesn't recognize the input from my autohotkey script, & something about my script is preventing me from making it into an exe file (im trying to fix that), i have the key strokes being held down for a random time between 20 & 50 microseconds to simulate a real players actions (iv`e had some limited dealings with auto-ban functions in the past) the file is called "test2.ahk" so it shouldn't be threatening, im running windows 7 & i don`t have the option to "run as admin" when i right click the file, i cant change the in-game keys, there 1 to 0, alt+ 1 to 0,shift+ 1 to 0 & ctrl + 1 to 0, ive tried to use 1 & 2, that's all, i was running the game in window mode when i tested & i haven't tried to do the 2nd used thing yet as its 1am when i found this thread.

The load balancing script must write the load index value to the CustomLoadValue registry key in the following location: HKLM\Software\VMware Inc.\VMware VDM\Performance Stats\CustomLoadValue.This value must be between 0-100. Copy your load balancing script to the Horizon Agent scripts directory C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Agent\scripts on each RDS host in the farm. You must copy the same script to every RDS host in the farm.

Turn off water walker, go in the water and equip the weights you prefer, Normally it would say that you cant move, But you need to double press jump every few seconds and it will give you the stats. (this will only work if you don't have enough jump force for the desired weight)(this glitch is hard to do so please don't hate or delete this.) (Unpatched) 041b061a72


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