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Can I Trade My Lease To Buy A Car

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Can I Trade My Lease To Buy A Car

Technically, the leasing company owns the vehicle, so you must follow their rules when it comes to any decisions about the car. You do have options that can switch up the conventional leasing process, however. Keep reading to get to know other possible routes to take when your lease is ending. If you still have questions, talk to our staff at Fiore Toyota for more information on your lease-end.

Trading in your leased Toyota might be a good option if you went over the mileage cap or the wear-and-tear greatly exceeds the normal amount indicated in your lease. But you should calculate these fees and see if it would make sense to just pay them and turn it in or if trading would be more cost effective.

In that hypothetical case, the dealership could pay the finance company $20,000 for the off-lease vehicle, credit the customer $4,000 towards the purchase of another vehicle, sell the off-lease vehicle for $26,000, and still make $2,000, she said. All while selling the same customer another vehicle.

Not surprisingly, new- and used-car prices are up sharply as a result of high demand and low supply. Off-lease vehicles in the second quarter were worth as much as $8,000 more than leasing companies thought they would be 36 months earlier, according to Peter Kelly, CEO of wholesale auto auction firm KAR Global.

According to Eric Lyman, vice president of residual-benchmarking company ALG, 20% of all lessees returning in July ended up purchasing their maturing lease vehicle; up almost double from pre-pandemic levels of 11% in 2019. Ford Credit reported that for leases that expired in the second quarter of 2021, 34% were returns. A year earlier, it was 76%.

In the second quarter of 2021, just 10% of 157,000 lease terminations were returned to GM Financial, the captive finance company said. The rest were purchased by consumers and dealers. In the second quarter of 2020, lease returns were 78%.

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When you lease a vehicle, make sure all the terms of the lease are in writing, that you understand the terms of the lease and that you agree with the terms. Leasing may involve additional costs for excess mileage, early termination, or excess wear and tear.

During the time of your lease agreement, you will need to take good care of the car and follow all recommended services. The goal is to be able to return a car that the dealer can resell as used or preowned.

At the end of the day, you do not really own the vehicle so that at the end of the lease you can choose to find a new vehicle or purchase the leased vehicle. Keep in mind that some dealerships have a vehicle turn-in fee if you choose not to lease a new car from the dealer.

Many buyers who opt for a lease might choose to use their current vehicle as a down payment for their lease. It can be an easy way to get rid of a car you no longer want and also be able to put some money down on your new vehicle.

The dealer takes care of the process of the trade-in, securing a car loan if you need one, and the process of your new lease. This makes the car leasing process so much more seamless than taking care of each component yourself.

If you do not have that amount, you do have the option of stacking that remainder of the loan on to your new lease. However, that can be a financial headache as you are essentially still paying for two cars but driving one.

Ultimately, doing a trade-in can be a great option to get rid of an old vehicle and drive off with a new vehicle all in the same day. Really it will depend on how much you still owe on your old vehicle and how well taken care of it is.

A trade-in for a lease can help make the car buying process go by much smoother and easier. However, keep in mind that what you trade for convenience might


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