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i love tim muehholts book. he really gets to the root of each chapter in a way that makes me want to understand what he says. ive done 4 of the marriages chapters, and now im ready for the final one, which is god and marriage chapter. i like his emphasis on relationships and friendships, and that marriage is more than just a legal contract. he also gives practical steps to help you build healthy relationships in your marriage. this is a great resource for new and intermediate marriages as well as for those struggling with a failed marriage. this book will help strengthen and bless your relationship.

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with over ten years experience doing retreats and workshops, a bachelor of arts in english from moody bible institute, a master of divinity from apologetics at christian research network, a churches ministry, a conference speaker, and over ten years of book writing, tim muehlhoff is one of the most experienced pastors, authors, and evangelists in the world today. and when he got married thirty years ago, it was an emotional event. but did he really know what he was getting into? he explains how the devil taunts men and women to quench their marriages. he looks at the temptations that couples face and the ways that the enemy makes you feel like your marriage is under attack. and he provides strong, biblical advice to protect your marriage from the threats of the evil one.

each of these packages has 3 different components: bible study, audio, and workbook. if you download the bible study, i recommend getting the audio out of the package as well. they give you the audio, and if you play it in your car or over the air, your kids will love it too. i think the bible study is the best part. it covers so much ground, and im glad i did it. you really have to get the whole thing and not just the workbook.


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