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Greasemonkey Script Download Netflix Extra Quality

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How to Download Your Rated Netflix Movies with a Greasemonkey Script

If you are a Netflix user who likes to rate the movies you watch, you might want to export your ratings to a file for backup or analysis. However, Netflix does not provide an easy way to do that. Fortunately, there is a Greasemonkey script that can help you extract your ratings from Netflix and save them as a tab-separated text file.

Greasemonkey is a browser extension that allows you to run custom scripts on web pages. You can install it on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari. To use the Netflix Ratings Extractor script, you need to follow these steps:

Install the Greasemonkey extension for your browser. You can find the links and instructions for each browser on the script's GitHub page[^1^].

Install the Netflix Ratings Extractor script by clicking on this link[^1^]. You may need to confirm the installation or restart your browser.

Go to Netflix and log in. Navigate to the Your Account page via the profile menu at the top-right. In the MY PROFILE section, follow the Ratings link.

At the top of your ratings page find the start/stop buttons and the script's output area. Click the start button.

When the script finishes, you can copy the data in the output area to a new text file or to somewhere else for further processing (e.g. a spreadsheet). The first row has the column titles. Columns are tab-separated. A Netflix movie URL can be reconstructed like so:<netflix_id>

That's it! You have successfully downloaded your rated Netflix movies with a Greasemonkey script. You can use this script as often as you want to keep your ratings updated. You can also modify or improve the script if you have some JavaScript skills.

If you are looking for other useful Greasemonkey scripts for Netflix, you can check out this page[^2^] on Greasy Fork, a website that hosts user scripts for various websites. For example, you can find scripts that automatically skip intros and credits, show IMDb ratings, download subtitles, or play UHD content on any screen resolution.

Greasemonkey scripts can enhance your web browsing experience by adding new features or customizing existing ones. However, you should always be careful when installing scripts from unknown sources, as they may contain malicious code or harm your privacy. Always read the reviews and comments before installing a script, and only use scripts from trusted authors or websites.

In this article, we have shown you how to download your rated Netflix movies with a Greasemonkey script. This can be useful if you want to backup your ratings, analyze your movie preferences, or share your recommendations with others. You can also use other Greasemonkey scripts to enhance your Netflix experience in various ways.

Greasemonkey is not limited to Netflix, though. You can use it on many other websites, such as YouTube, Amazon, Wikipedia, Facebook, and more. There are thousands of scripts available on Greasy Fork and other websites that can help you customize the web according to your needs and preferences.

For example, if you are a YouTube user, you might want to use some of these scripts:

YouTube Center: This script adds many features to YouTube, such as downloading videos, changing the player size and quality, removing ads and annotations, and more.

YouTube Auto Like: This script automatically likes videos from channels you subscribe to or videos you watch frequently. You can also blacklist channels or videos you don't want to like.

YouTube Repeat Button: This script adds a repeat button to the YouTube player, so you can easily loop a video or a part of it.

YouTube SponsorBlock for Greasemonkey: This script skips sponsored segments in YouTube videos based on crowdsourced data. You can also contribute by submitting the timestamps of sponsored segments you encounter.

These are just some examples of the many Greasemonkey scripts you can use on YouTube. You can browse more scripts on this page or


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