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Farming Simulator 14


Farming Simulator 14

Although it is not a complete representation of Farming Simulator 2013 and its subsequent downloadable content packs, it contains much of the same vehicles and equipment, offers a refined interface, allows more farming tasks to be automated by Hired Workers, and fixes many glitches that plagued earlier versions.

I'm wondering if anyone knows if there's a big advantage to getting the new farm simulator over the old one. It seems to be $20 more but if they are more or less the same except for some equipment I think I'd get 14.

In Farming Simulator 14 on Vita, you face the challenges of a modern farmer, raising livestock (cows), growing crops, selling produce, managing, and developing your own farming complex in a vast and colorful world. As you progress in the game, you will unlock a vast array of new machinery and agricultural vehicles, faithfully reproduced from actual vehicles from major manufacturers, such as Case IH, Deutz-Fahr, Lamborghini, Kuhn, Amazone, Krone and many others.

Players will soon be able to own and operate their very own farm wherever they go. From planting crops and operating machinery to selling goods at the local marketplace, Farming Simulator 14 promises to bring a rich handheld experience to fans of the bestselling franchise. Control a huge selection of real-world farming machines, breed your cattle, sell the milk you collect, grow and harvest a variety of crops, and more.

Are you interested in farming? Have you ever wondered what life would be as a farmer? If you wanted to experience agricultural life, then you would love this fantastic simulator. Get the look and feel of what it is like to be in the rural area, tending to your crops and growing your farm. Discover the amazing beauty of nature in the Farming Simulator 14 PC game. Perhaps this cool adventure will get you started on a career in agriculture.

"Tired of farming alone?" asks the Farming Simulator 2014 trailer, as if it didn't already know. Yes indeed, FS now includes a multiplayer mode, for the couple that doesn't mess around when it comes to sewing seeds. Unfortunately it's local only (WiFi or Bluetooth), so you California grape tycoons can't get it on with your Nebraska corn-huskin' honeys, but you can play all you want with like-minded folk in about a 30-foot radius. If no one's around to help you, you can hire AI assistants to help get the job done. Don't worry. Farming Simulator knows what you need, and it will never judge you.

Once you start learning how to manage everything and earn more money it starts moving along a bit more. It just takes a while to get to that point. Theres a lot of sowing seeds (you only have 3 crops to choose from) and harvesting to keep you busy. During the games very mundane farming tasks, random missions will pop up on the touch screen saying that there was a lost shipment that was dropped. You have the option of going and getting the shipment which is conveniently located on your handy town map. These missions will earn you extra money that you can buy farm upgrades and equipment with. Dont ask me what any of the equipment does though. Even though there are tons of different vehicles and attachments you can choose from there is no explanation for any of them, leaving me feeling clueless again.

One convenient feature is that you can put some of your vehicles on cruise control, that way you can do other jobs without having to give your full attention to the slower tasks. You can also have animals that produce goods you can sell for profit but besides that theres no real interaction with them. While exploring the surrounding town I discovered there are no people in this game. Only cars that are extremely patient while being rammed by a big red tractor. There are a lot of spots throughout the town where you can buy more land to expand your farm and a few houses for show here and there. There was also no background music, so whilst on my super exciting farming adventure all I get to


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