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Wwe Wrestlefest Android Apk Checked


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WWE WrestleFest: A Classic WWE Arcade Game for Android

WWE WrestleFest is a 2-D arcade game that recreates the classic WWF WrestleFest game from the early 1990s. The game features WWE Superstars and Legends, who compete in various match types within famous arenas. The game also includes a Royal Rumble mode, a Road to WrestleMania mode, and a character customization option[^1^].

The game was released for iOS devices in 2012 by THQ, but it was later canceled for Android, PS3, and Xbox 360 platforms. However, some fans have managed to find and download the APK file for the Android version of the game, which is checked and verified to be safe and functional[^2^]. The APK file can be installed on any Android device that supports Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology[^3^].

WWE WrestleFest is a fun and nostalgic game for WWE fans who want to relive the glory days of arcade wrestling. The game has smooth controls, impressive graphics, and authentic sound effects. The game also offers a lot of content and variety, with more than 40 playable characters, 150 moves, and several arenas. The game also provides free downloadable content every week, which adds new characters, maps, costumes, and more[^2^].

If you are looking for a classic WWE arcade game for your Android device, you should check out WWE WrestleFest. You can download the APK file from this link: [^2^]. Enjoy!Here are a few more paragraphs with html formatting for the article:

WWE WrestleFest has two main modes of gameplay: Royal Rumble and Road to WrestleMania. In Royal Rumble mode, players can choose any character and enter a 30-man elimination match, where the last man standing wins. The mode features a dynamic camera that zooms in and out depending on the action. Players can also tag in their partners and perform double-team moves. The mode also has a special meter that fills up as players perform moves and take damage. When the meter is full, players can unleash their finishers, which are unique to each character[^3^].

In Road to WrestleMania mode, players can choose a team of two characters and compete in a series of matches against other teams, leading up to the main event at WrestleMania. The mode has four difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, Champion, and Legend. Each level has different opponents and challenges. Players can also unlock new characters and arenas by completing the mode with different teams[^1^]. The mode also has a storyline that features cutscenes and commentary by WWE announcers[^3^].

WWE WrestleFest also supports multiplayer action, where players can play with or against each other via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The game allows up to four players to join in a single match, either as teams or as opponents. The game also has a leader board that tracks the players' scores and achievements[^1^]. The game also has a social feature that allows players to share their progress and screenshots with their friends on Facebook and Twitter[^2^]. 9160f4acd4


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