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Sexy Girl Anime

Many of us anime fans have thought at some point in our life, who is the hottest and sexiest anime girl of all time? Based on the type of anime series someone likes to watch, there are hundreds of anime girls who can be crowned as the sexiest anime girl.

sexy girl anime

It is not easy to rank, but we decided to make a list of the top 25 sexiest anime girls based not only on their outside appearance but their overall personality too. Yes, having an interesting personality can make an anime character attractive.

Bleach has one of the best female casts in anime, and Orihime is one of them. Despite being underconfident and incompetent at the beginning of the series, she has now become a strong, beautiful, and good-looking woman, which makes her worthy of mentioning in this list.

2nd rank of the top 25 sexiest anime girls has been given to Mai Sakurajima from Bunny Girl Senpai. Bunny Girl Senpai continues to be one of the most well-written romance anime with unexpected plot twists and unforgettable characters.

Akeno is the vice president of the Occult Research Club at Kuoh Academy. She is also a childhood friend of Rias. No matter the era, she will always reign as the most fan favourite and one of the sexiest anime girls of all time.

Akeno is ranked 1st in our Top 25 sexiest anime girls list. Did we leave out any other hot anime girl? You can tell us in the comment section below, and we will try adding your favourite waifu to the updated list.

Here is a hot and refreshing hot and sexy anime series that starts off its story about thirty years prior to the start of Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica, where a number of people from Earth transfer to other worlds with only about half of them being able to return.

You will enjoy this pick because this is truly a very typical Isekai anime series with an overpowered MC who transports to another world as a Demon Lord and then gets surrounded by a hot and sexy harem.

So many pretty sexy anime girls, embarrassing moments, and funny hot situations are all included in this ecchi anime that you will probably enjoy! Kimihito Kurusu is living a quiet, normal life alone until monster girls came crowding in!

Known to be the most gorgeous girl in her anime, she is C. C. This green-haired girl is one of the lead characters in the show who assisted our main character Lelouche to gain access to the legendary Geass power.

While we have already looked at the greatest anime characters, today, we will be turning our attention to something more specific- the sexiest anime girls ever. I have tried to incorporate characters of all ages, from cute, sexy teenagers to buxom older beauties. Also, keep in mind that the list is not ranked. So, without further adieu here is the list of hottest anime girls ever. If you are curious to watch them in action, well, we have provided a link at the end of each recommendation.

Mirajane Strauss is an S-class mage who possesses fearsome Demon powers using which she can annihilate her enemies. While her fighting abilities are impressive, but when she is not on the battlefield, she works as a model for Sorcerer Magazine. Although she is slim and beautiful, when she uses the Satan spell, her physical appearance changes drastically. Her curvaceous body is enough to make anyone drool over her, and it is impossible to discuss the sexiest anime girls without mentioning her. You can watch here in action here.

As the daughter of the Demon Lord, Mio is the rightful heiress of his position, but she ends getting involved in an incestuous relationship with his stepbrother after getting adopted. Over time the amorous interactions only get intense as she explores her sexuality with her servant. Some of the bold lovemaking that transpires between the trio has been forever immortalized in anime history. But a lot of credit for making these scenes so exciting goes to the erotic and titillating figure of Mio.

Harem anime typically involve a large cast of girls which fall in love with the main character, often a socially inept or shy male. That's the formula, and for the large part, anime has been reluctant to deviate from it in any significant way. You'd think that by now, they'd have figured out a way to actually make a 'good' harem. Despite their popularity, only 2 harem anime sit above a 8.00 score on MAL (not counting sequels). But hey, that's not to say there aren't any gems to be found here. If you're after a good harem anime, this is great place to start.

Odds are that you know how this ends already, doubly so if you've played the visual novel. Although the story's infamous for going to some seriously dark and bizarre places, it starts off innocuously enough: high school student Makoto Itou, the most selfish and detestable protagonist in anime history, gets romantically involved with two of his classmates. This isn't a good anime, let's be clear about that. It's a horrible story only barely salvaged by the 'developments' that happen near the end of the story, which are shocking enough to make you think you just might've watched something of substance. Nevertheless, it does appear to have a special part in anime history, and may just be something you want to check out.

A psychological harem anime based on a visual novel with an over-stylized title. Takumi Nishijou is a schizophrenic hikikomori, or recluse. He's forced into the real world by a series of strange events and visions surrounding a recent string of murders. Takumi finds himself surrounded by several girls with some connection to the incidents, but can he tell what is real and what isn't?

Youto Yokodera is a perverted high school student who can't express his true feelings. He wishes on a magical cat statue to be able to speak up, but ends up swapping personality traits with several girls at his school. Sorting out the magical mess brings them all closer together... a little too close at times. A school comedy featuring a male main character and a lot of cute female characters, this is another "sort-of-harem" anime. With so many to choose from, you're sure to find your "best girl" out of these cuties!

Akuto Sai wants to graduate from Constant Magick Academy and enter the clergy, but he is shunned after an aptitude test declares him the future Demon King. As he tries to buck his evil reputation, Akuto meets several girls, some of whom want to destroy him, while others want to exploit his demonic potential. However, as the series progresses, it becomes evident that whatever their motives, they are all also "crazy" in love with him! This top harem anime is full of excitement!

After being possessed by the spirit of a powerful vampire, Kojou Akatsuki is placed under observation by Yukina Himeragi, a warrior girl under orders to kill him if he becomes dangerous. That doesn't stop her (and his friends, and his classmates, and his enemies) from getting a crush on him though! This anime is the best combination of action and romance.

Keita Suminoe has been close to his older twin stepsisters Ako and Riko since they were children. Now, they're in high school and those feelings have turned romantic... for the twins, at least. As his classmates and even his teachers fall for Keita, will he decide that incest is the lesser of many evils? The intense themes make this passionate series quite shocking at times, but they also add a unique form of entertainment that is not available in your "average" harem anime.

Lots of anime guys in harem anime get nosebleeds from getting approached by too many sexy girls at one time. Sakamachi Kinjiro's nose will explode with a simple caress from a hot anime girl! His full name contains the word "chicken", which is quite the fitting label for this timid young boy. But everyone must face their fears at one point. What better way to get over his phobia than by acquiring a harem filled with beautiful girls?

What's better than a harem of beautiful women? A harem of beautiful angels! A perverted teenage boy teaches a fallen angel how to love. Well, technically, Ikaros is an "Angeloid", but that's good enough for Tomoki Sakurai. Tomoki must help Ikaros, as well as the other Angeloids that follow her to Earth, to adapt to human culture. But what is more human than sexual attraction? And thus this harem anime was born!

Rito Yuuki is afraid of girls, and can't confess to the one he loves. But one night he accidentally gropes an alien princess that teleports into his bath, and on her planet, that's a marriage proposal! As Rito fends off the boundless affection of Princess Lala, he must fight off the suitors and bounty hunters pursuing her, while juggling an ever-growing harem that includes his crush, his teachers, and even his sister!

What are the limits of your compassion? Would you love someone even if they caused planet-wrecking natural disasters? It's not like Shidou Itsuka really has a choice. In a world constantly under attack by alien Spirits, Shidou has the ability to steal their power away and defuse their threat to humanity... by kissing them, of course. However, it must be a real kiss (not some lame old couple peck). In Date A Live, building a harem is a survival tactic, and tamed Spirits will join in battle against the new invaders. It's like a hybrid of Pokemon and Pacific Rim, but with teenage girls... and it's a harem anime? Sounds like a top combination to me.

The unlucky Ayumu Aikawa is murdered, only to be revived and enslaved by the beautiful necromancer Eucliwood Hellscythe. Then a freak accident gives him her powers, turning him into a zombie/magical girl. Yes, with panty shots. Ayumu battles the anti-magical girl forces of the Megalo as he fends off affection from classmates and vampire ninjas alike! But unfortunately for poor Ayumu, there's no running from a harem anime.

Tsukune Aono can't get into any high schools because of his awful grades, but Youkai Academy accepts him... whereupon he finds out that it's a school for monsters! He quickly finds a girlfriend in classmate Moka Akashiya, who wears a rosary that seals a powerful vampiric personality within her. As monster girls fall in love with Tsukune, he must juggle their affections and keep his own human status secret. This top supernatural harem anime is out of this world! 041b061a72


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