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After arriving in Felderwin, Yussa tried to get in contact with her mother, but she hadn't been seen in some time. Nott, after spending a day with Yeza, sought out a local cleric of Teshur, who had once helped a black dragon that rescued her from drowning. She spoke to him about the halfling's case and the cleric told her she and the halfling were being well cared for at the Grand Temple of Teshur in Dwendalon. Nott left back to Tidepeak to report this to Caleb and to prepare to head out to Felderwin again. Yeza told her that Veth wasn't a slave anymore and he was making many new friends in the city and that might mean he would be coming back sometime. Yeza also said that Veth was perfectly happy where she had taken her, even though she had buried him alive. Yeza proclaimed that Veth was still alive and Nott was committed to finding him. Yeza also asked Nott not to discuss this topic with anyone and Nott promised she wouldn't, as she did not want to hurt him or Yeza. Nott bid Yeza good-bye and promised her they'd meet again.[41]

Nott and her group traveled to Felderwin via Tidepeak. They arrived and immediately found a deeply suspicious Yeza outside of the city. When asked why she left by herself she said that she had left to go to town to buy some bread. She had no troubles getting into town, therefore she must be all right. Nott didn't believe her and decided to follow her anyway (later realizing this was not a good decision). She got lost in the city and was about to come back in frustration, but found her way back with a little prodding. She ended up by the the mining pits that once held all of the goblins who had escaped from the main camp; they were now being used as bomb shelters during a disaster. She counted six goblin graveyards as the place she had hidden under.

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