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Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja 6 Ps2 Iso ##HOT##

One area where Road to Boruto doesnt live up to its name is the part in the story that takes place in Hyuga Village. For obvious reasons, I wont spoil the future storyline because that would be wrong. What I can say is that in this village, the story has a better ending than the Boruto story arc itself. In that arc, there wasnt much closure or resolution for Boruto and his friends, simply because it wasnt much of a journey. This arc, however, gives Naruto and his friends something to strive for. I'd call that a win.

naruto shippuden ultimate ninja 6 ps2 iso

With over 100 playable characters, it's easy to get lost trying to find the perfect ninja. Players can customize each character's appearance and use various ninja tools. After choosing a character, players can equip new weapons and abilities by finding the places in the arena where they can change their characters' active weapons. While in battle, players will occasionally encounter new enemies, which players can defeat by throwing them or using special skills. When players master the world, they can access the "Sharingan" to fight special boss characters or compete in a tournament for bonuses. As players continue on their journey, they'll encounter new characters and zones to keep their attention. There's also a shop where players can purchase power-ups, boost their characters' stats, purchase new clothes, and more. Characters can also breed to increase their powers, and there's a wide variety of animals that players can befriend and use in their battles, such as tanks, a tiger, and a dragon.


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