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Love-making was the mode in his day (which was also Dante's), but MasterCino had been all for the Civil Law. The Digest, the Pandects, theInstitutes of Gaius and what not, had given him a bent back before histime, so that he walked among the Pistolese beauties with his eyes onthe ground and his hands knotted behind his decent robe. Love might havemade him fatter, yet he throve upon his arid food; he sat in animportant chair in his University; he had lectured at Bologna (hive ofsucking Archdeacons), at Siena, at Perugia. Should he prosper, he lookedto[Pg 227] Florence for his next jump. As little as he could contrive was hefor Pope or Emperor, Black or White, Farinata or Cerchi; banishment camethat road. His friend Dante was footsore with exile, halfway overApennine by this time; Cino knew that for him also the treading was verydelicate. Constitutionally he was Ghibelline with his friend Dante, andsuch politics went well in Pistoja for the moment. But who could tell?The next turn of the wheel might bring the Pope round; Pistoja might goBlack (as indeed she did in more senses than one), and pray where wouldbe his Assessorship of Civil Causes, where his solemn chair, where histitle to doffing of caps and a chief seat at feasts? Cino, meditatingthese things over his morning sop and wine, rubbed his chin sore anddetermined to take a wife. His family was respectable, but Ghibelline;his means were happy; his abilities known to others as well as tohimself. Good! He would marry a sober Guelphish virgin, and establish aposition to face both the windy quarters. It was when his negotiationsto this end had reached maturity, when the contract for his espousalswith the honourable lady, Monna Margherita degli Ughi, had actually beensigned, that Messer Cino of Pistoja was late for his class, got coldfeet, and turned poet.

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