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Intouch 9.5 Wwsuite Lic.33

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Intouch 9.5 Wwsuite Lic.33

How to Install and Validate Intouch 9.5 Wwsuite Lic.33

Intouch 9.5 is a visualization software that combines the world's leading HMI software with cutting-edge graphical advances to enable customers to obtain tremendous improvements in operational and engineering productivity[^4^] [^7^]. Intouch 9.5 Wwsuite Lic.33 is a license file that enables you to run the Intouch 9.5 software on your computer.

In this article, we will show you how to install and validate the Intouch 9.5 Wwsuite Lic.33 file using the ArchestrA License Manager, a common utility that is included when you install the Intouch 9.5 software[^1^]. We will also show you how to access your Intouch 9.5 HMI applications from any device with an HTML5 compliant browser using the AVEVA InTouch Access Anywhere feature[^2^] [^6^].

Installing Your Licenses

To install your licenses, you will need the following:

The installation DVD of Intouch 9.5 software

The Intouch 9.5 Wwsuite Lic.33 file

The domain and computer names of the computer where you have installed the Intouch 9.5 software

Follow these steps to install your licenses:

Start the ArchestrA License Manager by clicking Start, Programs, Wonderware, Common, and then ArchestrA License Manager.