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OpenNI Virtual Camera


OpenNI Virtual Camera

The two demos can be run together using the Magic Luv.lua script file (here). The kit that you will need is as follow: 1. Delicode NiMate 1.4 or greater - 2. Kinect for Windows 2 Hardware - freely available without Kinect for Windows SDK. See 3. Installation of Libusb and libusb.dll on a machine with Windows 7 32-bit.

Download the sample files 'TheMagicLuv.lua', 'MagicLuv.exe', and 'SalveThread.exe' and unzip them into a folder and rename the folder from the zip file to 'ni-vrc'. Copy these three files and the sample CNIRecorder.lua script into the folder containing the Magic Luv.lua file.

The Magic Luv uses a customized daemon to communicate with the Kinect. Customizing the daemon takes some knowledge of the Lua language but simple things like the security settings in the daemon (for example the Java applet command line programming is still supported) can be done using Leonardo which is a Lua IDE and is still maintained. For Windows desktop users Leonardo should work out of the box. If you are using Linux Leonardo will run out of the box. d2c66b5586


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