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EA FC 24 Centurions SBC

Electronic Arts (EA) has Fut 24 Coins once again created a buzz in the FIFA gaming community with the introduction of the EA FC 24 Centurions promo. This special event is dedicated to celebrating the longevity and achievements of different football players from around the world. Players, both current stars and iconic legends, have the chance to receive impressive upgrades based on their achievements, such as scoring 100 career goals, keeping 100 clean sheets, playing 100 games, and more. The event has brought together football superstars from various eras, creating an exciting atmosphere in the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) universe.

One of the standout players featured in this unique promotion is none other than Chelsea's Brazilian center-back, Thiago Silva. With an illustrious career that includes successful stints at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Chelsea, Thiago Silva has become a legendary figure in the football world. In this article, we will delve into the career of Thiago Silva, explore the details of the EA FC 24 Centurions SBC, and provide valuable insights on how to unlock the Centurions Silva card for your EA FC 24 Ultimate Team squad.

Thiago Silva: A Footballing Legend

Thiago Silva's journey to football stardom is nothing short of remarkable. With PSG, he not only established himself as one of the world's finest defenders but also became the club's longest-serving captain. During his time at PSG, Silva secured an incredible seven Ligue 1 titles, showcasing his dominance in the French league.

In 2020, at the age of 35, Thiago Silva embarked on a new chapter in his footballing career by joining Chelsea in the Premier League. His arrival was met with great anticipation, and it didn't take long for him to win over Chelsea fans and management alike. Silva's exceptional leadership qualities were evident from day one, prompting Chelsea to name him as their captain in just his second game.

Thiago Silva's impact on Chelsea was immediate and profound. He played an instrumental role in guiding the team to a historic UEFA Champions League victory in 2021, a remarkable achievement considering the fierce competition in the tournament. Despite being 39 years old, Silva continues to demonstrate his class and footballing prowess, proving that age is just a number in the world of football. He is currently on course to achieve 100 appearances for Chelsea, requiring just seven more starts to reach this significant milestone.

EA FC 24 Centurions SBC: Adding Thiago Silva to Your Squad

The EA FC 24 Centurions SBC offers a unique opportunity to add the legendary Thiago Silva to your FIFA Ultimate Team squad. However, it remains unclear which specific 100-goal milestone this SBC celebrates, but the following are the requirements to unlock the Centurions Silva card: SBC Requirements

To complete the SBC and obtain Thiago Silva's Centurions card, you will need to complete two squads, each with specific criteria:

Brazil Squad:

Minimum 1 player from Brazil

Squad Rating: Minimum 84

Number of players in the squad: 11

Premier League Squad:

Minimum 1 player from the Premier League

Squad Rating: Minimum 86

Number of players in the squad: 11

Here are some squad solutions for both the Brazil and Premier League requirements:

Brazil Squad:

Joao Mario (82 OVR)

Lobotka (84 OVR)

Bounou (85 OVR)

Rapinoe (85 OVR)

Andrich (82 OVR)

Sembrant (82 OVR)

Calhanoglu (85 OVR)

Firmino (82 OVR)

Mendy (82 OVR)

Laporte (85 OVR)

Maanum (82 OVR)

Premier League Squad:

Andrich (82 OVR)

Kobel (87 OVR)

Mbock (83 OVR)

Joao Mario (82 OVR)

Odegaard (87 OVR)

Giles (83 OVR)

Alexander-Arnold (86 OVR)

Modric (87 OVR)

Magull (87 OVR)

Oberdorf (87 OVR)

Brozovic (83 OVR)

It's worth noting that the cost of completing the Centurions SBC can vary due to price fluctuations in the FUT market. As of the information available, you can expect to pay around 153,000 Coins to complete this SBC successfully.

The EA FC 24 Centurions SBC is a limited-time offer, scheduled to expire on Tuesday, November 21. If you're a fan of Thiago Silva or simply looking to bolster your FIFA Ultimate Team with a top-class defender, now is the time to act. As you prepare your squads to meet the SBC requirements, keep an eye on the FUT market for player prices, and make sure to complete the challenge before the deadline to secure Thiago Silva's Centurions card for your EA FC 24 Ultimate Team squad. This exclusive card is a fitting tribute to EA Sports FC 24 Coins the enduring legacy of one of football's true greats and a valuable addition to your virtual footballing journey.


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