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Viewtv At-163 Manual

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The good news is that if you ignore the manual, and work through the incredibly crude displays hacked to to show English labels, and convert from the strings on the weird remote to the screen, it's not hard to configure this. You can even set up the antenna as pass-through so the signal goes to the ViewTV and is also available for TV input. It does record (!) and you can play back the recording. It even shows a list of available TV shows.

The 'viewtc home-viewer-receiver' is similar to the 'viewtv at-163' in that it has a similar remote control, and you can do PC it. It *also* has a TV Tuner (analog and digital) integrated into the box, but it is severely limited as to what you can do with it. It does, however, have a Time Slider feature, which can be used to move a video image forward or backward in time by one second, and you can make the stream loop over and over again, with no stops in between. it also shows a list of available TV shows. It records (!) and you can play back the recordings. You can obviously play back live TV. You can't use any other inputs, and you can't set any other options. It appears to be exactly the same as the 8000 and 8000d series. I do NOT know which model is the 8000 and which is the 8000d. The 4000, 500 and 2000 are not available at all, so either they weren't sold, or PAL-501 didn't exist, or they were early models. d2c66b5586