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Buy Liftmaster Garage Door Opener


LiftMaster door openers are generally built with a sturdy steel one-piece trolley system that lifts your door. Chamberlain door openers have a multi-piece trolley system, often constructed from plastic that is excellent for lifting lighter weights.

The price for LiftMaster garage door openers typically ranges from about $200 to $700. This price tag ensures that you get the power necessary to lift a heavy door and the technology you require to control multi-door systems and keep your valuables secure and safe. For security, LiftMaster door openers feature motion sensors that can alert you to suspicious movements.

You can also get AC- or DC-powered door openers from both brands. AC-powered openers are easier to use because they can be connected to a standard power outlet. DC-powered openers need to be linked to direct current from a battery. The advantages of doing this are that your door opener can operate more quietly, have better obstacle detection, and be better equipped to stop and start smoothly.

As for Chamberlain openers, your range-topping pick could be the Chamberlain B6765, which features a camera and battery backup for extra convenience and security. On the other end of the price spectrum, the Chamberlain B550 belt drive garage door opener is a great product for DIY enthusiasts that allows you to open and close your door from your phone. Its belt drive also ensures quiet operation, which comes in handy if your garage is located close to your home.

Replacement garage door opener beltfor Liftmaster and Raynor garage door openers manufactured before 2003.Be sure to double check the model number of your garage door openerbefore ordering to make sure it is the correct belt. The overall belt length is 19'5". You can find the part number for the belts in the back of your garage door opener manual.You can also Contact Us and we'll help you determine if it's correct.