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Misconceptions About Islam Zakir Naik Pdf 19

what hinduism given to Dr. Ambedkar,brother you should know that.what hinduism says to Chatrapati Shivaji.what hinduism says about a Rapist, the rights of wife, the rights of parents, the rights of childrens,the rights of husband, the rights of neighbour, about the untouchability,about corruption,about equality, if you knowledge about these things in hinduism and islam, and still you confident that hinduism is a religion given by god, i congrats you.

misconceptions about islam zakir naik pdf 19


the point of discussion how Christianity teached peace we prohibit killing killing is not sacred to us even somebody else said something a terrible comment about our religion we never terrorize oher religion muslim can walk on Christian country with peace without any trouble how about Christian can walk to muslim country with peace coz these religion teaches that killing someone outside their religion is holy there is 2 world war this is not religion related conflict politics fortunately Christian is opposite of islam we dont consider killing is holy but sin but islam do what if Christianity allows it we are dominant inn numbers and economy what if islam prohibits killing and not consider holy world is in peace this the message of this post

you cant even stand in the front of muslim in the name of comparison because in muslim if any thing destroy unity of society or peace in the society between two community for example eating beef hurt the hindus faith beef will become prohibited in islam for just shake of peace between hindu and muslim ok what you are talking about you are knocked out at the first place you know muslims dont like if anybody makes photo of there prophet but your you did it what kind of Christian you are you dont know common things you are bunch of shit ok


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