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Hager Planungssoftware Elcom 5.1 ((EXCLUSIVE))

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Hager Elcom: A Professional Tool for Planning and Documenting Switchgear

Hager Elcom is a planning software that allows professionals to design, order and document switchgear for low-voltage distribution systems. It is compatible with Windows operating systems and offers various features such as generating one-pole or all-pole circuit diagrams, calculating heat loss, creating 3D layout plans and printing labels.

However, Hager Elcom has been officially replaced by Hagercad, a new planning and project software that offers more security, less time and more comfort. The official support for Hager Elcom ended on 31.12.2017 and the 30-day trial version - version 5.1 is no longer available for download[^1^]. Existing customers of Hager Elcom have received a voucher code for the free license generation of the full version of[^1^].

Hagercad is a better tool for planning low-voltage main distribution systems than ever before. It allows users to visualize their configuration in 2D or 3D, black and white or color, and to zoom, change and rotate their "vision" in all directions. It also supports door communication and BIM export[^2^]. Users can choose between Hagercad.basic or depending on their needs and preferences[^2^].

If you are interested in learning more about Hagercad, you can visit the official website of Hager or sign up for one of their training courses online or on site. You can also contact their technical application consultants or send an email to for any questions or inquiries[^1^].

Why switch from Hager Elcom to Hagercad

If you are still using Hager Elcom for your electrical planning projects, you might be missing out on some of the benefits that Hagercad can offer. Hagercad is not only a successor of Hager Elcom, but also a superior tool that has been developed with the latest technologies and customer feedback. Here are some of the reasons why you should switch from Hager Elcom to Hagercad:

Hagercad is more user-friendly and intuitive than Hager Elcom. It has a modern and clear interface that guides you through the planning process step by step. You can also customize your workspace and access various help functions.