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TOPO Benelux v3 Light - Garmin Shop

this is clearly an unsupported way of doing it. they don't even list any instructions on their support pages and i can't get any help from them. will you consider removing the post and this as in future it will just frustrate people. i wanted to like the garmin and spend time with them. all the sales pages say it is easy and quick. it isn't and i think you should be ashamed. i'll never buy a garmin product again and that is a major loss to them. i think it's an even better advert for garmin if i go elsewhere. shame on you.

Garmin topo benelux unlocked

when i insert an osm map into the edge 510, it does not work. i dont think i need to unzip the file, i think the mapinstall software treats it as a "normal" (and standard) garmin maps type data set. essentially, it doesnt know that it is osm and the info on that file isnt what i would consider "standard osm" info (i.e. it has all the lines, etc not in standard osm format). as a test, i also downloaded a free map of europe in latin1 format. this worked perfectly, so it seems like its not the type of map. i deleted both files in my mapinstall directory and this is what happened (the *.img files are the files i downloaded, the *.gmap files are the ones the edge 520 comes with): note: if you have a forerunner 305, 305t, or 620 (or may be even an older model like the 610 or 620 that reads gpx, that will also read map files. the software can read gpx files, but since garmin changed how they store that data, i dont think mapinstall or other garmins can read gpx files, so that is what i am willing to take a chance with. and since that device doesnt cost any more than $150 i dont really care that much if it doesnt read my gpx files. i will test it with the 305t and it may work, but i am highly skeptical. if it doesnt work, then ill just replace that unit with one that does. if you have a edge 520, 560, 520v2, or 520c that you want to use, i dont think that software can read any of the files (other than those that i can tell are gpx files), and it may not be able to read this one if i am wrong on that. if you do use it, please be prepared to do a lot of tinkering with the settings to make it look as close to the default maps as possible. i know many people that have been trying for days to get a map to look close to the ones on the edge 520. in all likelihood, it should work, but since they changed the way they store that data, it doesnt work unless you make a lot of modifications. right now, i think that its safe to use the maps on the edge 520, but i wouldnt count on it working 100% (i know i have used a gpx file to try and install a map onto a edge 520 before, but that worked). that unit is also very expensive so i am not willing to experiment with it. if anyone else is willing to try and use it to add a map to that unit and see what happens, please let me know! the second file i downloaded should have worked regardless. it was a latin1 map that i made and i loaded it into my pc with my software.


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