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King Kong 3d Movie Download

when youre watching a movie in 3d, your brain is not given the option to filter out what its seeing. so when youre watching a 3d movie, anything that isnt in the foreground appears in the background (and vice versa). kongfrontation makes a valiant effort to make sure there are no 3d elements in the background of 2d kong scenes, but sometimes a scene would switch back to 2d when it should have stayed in 3d. theres also a scene that involves king kong flying into manhattan and having to fight the fantastic four. in the original, they were flying over the statue of liberty. in kongfrontation, they are flying over the empire state building. this scene, which appears at least twice, seems to make the manhattan skyline longer and longer, which is kind of silly, so it doesnt make much of a difference.

king kong 3d movie download

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at one point, the kongfrontation ride exits into a dark area where the video isnt being shown on the tv screen. the ride is projected in 2d. theres also a scene of king kong and godzilla looking down at new york city in a stadium-like setting. in this scene, you see parts of the city for a split second, then the scene cuts away and you see nothing. however, the kongfighting with godzilla never appeared in that scene.

although kongfrontation isnt a great place to experience 3d, kongs revenge does offer some 3d effects. a good example is during the opening sequence, where kong is seen attacking a tank. you see a lot of the tank in 3d, but what isnt shown in 3d are the dents in the tank. in kongfrontation, there are only dents in the tank, no matter how much you move your head. this could be a rather important difference when youre trying to defeat the tank.


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