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Bennett Moore
Bennett Moore

FRDM-KW40Z Freescale Freedom Development Board

Hi Jaime,no, that approach is using the MSD bootloader on the FRDM board to program the other board. For this you have to have a KW40 firmware present on the FRDM board which I think does not exist.What I had in mind is something like this -the-freescale-freedom-frdm-kl43z-to-debug-other-boards/. However, to my knowledge OpenOCD does not support the KW40. I was not able to sucessfully use the OpenOCD on the Hexiwear docking station. Using the P&E Multilink or Segger J-Link for firmware restoring (see -and-restoring-the-hexiwear-firmware/) or debugging. If your work is non-commercial, have a look at the Segger EDU: -link-edu.html

FRDM-KW40Z Freescale Freedom Development Board


Consider moving up to Kinetis Design Studio or MCUXpresso IDE, as you have more and better choices.For CodeWarrior I had used USBD (see -external-processors-with-usbdm-and-freedom-board/), but that did not work any more on my Windows 10 machine. You can give it a try. 041b061a72


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