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How to Design Pressure Vessels with Codeware Compress 7400 18

If you are looking for a professional level pressure vessel design software that complies with ASME VIII, you might want to consider Codeware Compress 7400 18. This software is an expert system that produces detailed design reports with a single button click. It also checks your inputs and makes design recommendations to save you engineering hours and reduce errors and omissions[^1^].

In this article, we will show you some of the features and benefits of using Codeware Compress 7400 18 for your pressure vessel design projects.

3D Pressure Vessel Design + Drawings

One of the advantages of using Codeware Compress 7400 18 is that it supports cross-departmental workflows. You can easily produce pressure vessel and heat exchanger drawings using the bundled Codeware Interface add-in for SOLIDWORKS and Inventor. The solid models generated by the Codeware Interface include Mates and Sheet Metal, advanced features that save time when making design changes[^1^].

You can also quickly create ASME Section IX welding documents from Codeware Compress designs with Shopfloor, a no extra charge add-in for Excel. And you can generate customizable spreadsheet based cost estimates with COSTER, another no extra charge add-in for Excel[^1^].

Tees As Main Components

Another feature of Codeware Compress 7400 18 that can help you reduce pressure vessel welding and material costs is the ability to use tees as shell and nozzle components. Tees can be an excellent way to simplify the geometry and fabrication of your pressure vessels. Codeware Compress provides the option to use tees as main components and calculates the required reinforcement and MAWP according to ASME VIII[^2^].

F&F Expansion Joints

If you need to design flanged and flued expansion joints for your pressure vessels, Codeware Compress 7400 18 can help you with that too. Flanged and flued expansion joints are used to accommodate thermal expansion and contraction in piping systems. Codeware Compress allows you to design F&F expansion joints according to ASME VIII Appendix 5 and provides detailed drawings using the Codeware Interface add-in[^2^].


Codeware Compress 7400 18 is a powerful and reliable pressure vessel design software that can help you comply with ASME VIII and increase your productivity. It offers many features and benefits that make it the perfect solution for companies that want to bring their design work in-house. If you want to learn more about Codeware Compress 7400 18, you can visit their website or contact their support team[^1^]. 061ffe29dd


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