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FabriWIN V 11: How to Get It for Free and What You Can Do with It

FabriWIN V 11: A Powerful CAD/CAM Software for Metal Fabrication

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient software solution for your metal fabrication projects, you might want to consider FabriWIN V 11. This is a comprehensive CAD/CAM software that allows you to design, nest, program, and simulate your fabrication processes with ease and accuracy. FabriWIN V 11 is developed by Metalsoft, Inc., a leading provider of software solutions for the metal industry. In this article, we will review some of the features and benefits of FabriWIN V 11 and show you how to get it for free.

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What is FabriWIN V 11?

FabriWIN V 11 is a software package that consists of four modules: FabriCAD, FabriNEST, FabriBEND, and FabriSIM. Each module has its own functions and capabilities that can help you with different aspects of your fabrication workflow.

  • FabriCAD is a CAD module that allows you to create and edit 2D and 3D drawings of your parts and assemblies. You can import and export files in various formats, such as DXF, DWG, IGES, STEP, and more. You can also use various tools to modify your geometry, such as trim, extend, fillet, chamfer, mirror, rotate, scale, and more. FabriCAD also supports parametric modeling, which means you can define dimensions and constraints that control the shape and size of your parts.

  • FabriNEST is a nesting module that allows you to optimize the material utilization and cutting efficiency of your parts. You can automatically or manually nest your parts on any sheet size and shape, taking into account factors such as grain direction, part orientation, part spacing, part rotation, part priority, common cuts, bridges, tabs, and more. You can also generate reports that show you the material usage, cutting time, cost estimation, and more.

  • FabriBEND is a bending module that allows you to program and simulate your press brake operations. You can import your parts from FabriCAD or other CAD software and define the bending sequence, tooling selection, back gauge position, bend allowance, bend deduction, and more. You can also simulate the bending process in 3D and check for collisions, interferences, or errors.

  • FabriSIM is a simulation module that allows you to verify and optimize your cutting programs for various machines, such as laser, plasma, waterjet, oxy-fuel, punch press, shear, saw, router, drill tap center, and more. You can import your programs from FabriNEST or other CAM software and simulate the cutting process in 3D. You can also edit your programs on the fly and check for errors or warnings.

What are the benefits of FabriWIN V 11?

FabriWIN V 11 offers many benefits for metal fabricators who want to improve their productivity and quality. Some of these benefits are:

  • Easy to use: FabriWIN V 11 has a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to learn. You can access all the functions and tools from the main menu or the toolbar. You can also customize the interface according to your preferences and needs.

  • Flexible: FabriWIN V 11 can handle any type of fabrication project, from simple to complex. You can work with any material type and thickness, any sheet size and shape, any machine type and model. You can also integrate FabriWIN V 11 with other software or hardware systems using its open architecture.

  • Accurate: FabriWIN V 11 ensures that your designs are accurate and error-free. You can use various tools to check your geometry for validity and consistency. You can also use various simulation tools to verify your programs for feasibility and efficiency.

  • Efficient: FabriWIN V 11 helps you save time and money by optimizing your material utilization and cutting efficiency. You can use various nesting algorithms to minimize scrap and maximize yield. You can also use various programming options to reduce cutting time and machine wear.

  • Reliable: FabriWIN V 11 is developed by Metalsoft, Inc., a company with over 30 years of experience in the metal industry. You can trust that FabriWIN V 11 is tested and proven by thousands of users worldwide. You can also rely on Metalsoft's technical support team to assist you with any issues or questions.

How to get FabriWIN V 11 for free?

If you are interested in trying out FabriWIN V 11 for yourself, you can download it for free from the official website of Metalsoft. You will need to fill out a form with some basic information about yourself and your company. You will then receive an email with a link to download the software installer. The free download is a fully functional version of FabriWIN V 11 that you can use for 30 days without any limitations or obligations.

If you decide to purchase FabriWIN V 11 after the trial period expires, you can contact Metalsoft's sales team to get a quote based on your specific needs and requirements. Metalsoft offers various pricing options depending on the number of modules you want to buy, the number of licenses you need, the type of support you prefer,

and the type of training you need. Metalsoft also offers various financing options to suit your budget and cash flow.


FabriWIN V 11 is a powerful CAD/CAM software that can help you with your metal fabrication projects. It has four modules that cover all the aspects of your fabrication workflow, from design to simulation. It is easy to use, flexible, accurate, efficient, and reliable. You can download it for free from Metalsoft's website and try it for 30 days without any limitations or obligations. If you like it, you can purchase it at a reasonable price and enjoy the benefits of FabriWIN V 11 for your fabrication business.

If you want to learn more about FabriWIN V 11 or download it for free, you can visit this link. You can also contact Metalsoft's customer service team if you have any questions or feedback.

Thank you for reading this article and we hope you found it useful and informative. If you did, please share it with your friends and colleagues who might be interested in FabriWIN V 11. Also, feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think about FabriWIN V 11 or any other CAD/CAM software you use. ca3e7ad8fd


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