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Nonlinear Systems Khalil Homework Solutions

The framework was then empirically tested, in parallel with the review, by case studies using the framework to examine three systems in high-income countries (UK, Sweden and Italy) and four in LMICs (results-based financing in Nigeria, performance accountability mechanisms in India, a supranational performance management intervention in El Salvador, and district governance mechanisms in South Africa). The case studies of the high-income country systems were conducted by three independent reviewers, whereas in the LMICs, one reviewer conducted a systematic search to identify case studies of performance management and extract cases that could be mapped to the framework. Discrepancies were resolved by discussion with other authors. The case studies used a systematic approach to extract data, combining elements of the framework and operating models and highlight how the effectiveness of the interventions could be conditioned by the complexity of the system within which they are embedded.

nonlinear systems khalil homework solutions

Second, we expected to find that systems with higher levels of complexity will be more likely to require enabling approaches to support interventions that use data to achieve shared sensemaking and decision-making, such as systems of results-based financing and performance accountability mechanisms.

The framework was then tested using the case studies of the LMICs. These predominantly, although not exclusively, focus on highly complex integrated systems, such as public-private partnerships. Given that these systems are frequently built as ad hoc hybrids, like case study 1 below, we expected to find complexity and nonlinearity, as well as organisational performance management and levels of complexity.


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