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Review Of Radiological


"A welcome respite." - Reviews & Commentary, Radiology, 276:54-55 Radiology Simplified (Apple Books) is the most accurate review of Core-relevant radiology physics anywhere. That's because our editorial process works continuously to eliminate black pearls based on feedback from the 1000+ resident physicians in radiology who've anchored their radiology physics study with this text in the United States and beyond. As an added bonus, the book includes 100+ high-yield clinical cases calibrated for the Core Exam, with diagnostic-quality images and cine clips. We've also published major revisions to reflect evolving practice recommendations like the ACR Contrast Manual. We've also added new content to reflect the growing Core Exam difficulty, including advanced topics in MRI. Best of all, updates are free for life. Visit Apple Books to learn more.

Pace your study with monthly assignments that optimize your time spent on the various study resources, featuring detailed Yelp-style reviews of every RSNA physics module, updated annually. Also includes reading assignments in Radiology Simplified, MCQ Checkpoint assignments, and lecture viewing assignments.

Master visual anatomy, physics, and radiology with self paced RSNA RISOTV modules. Explore key topics with multiple pathways across the ENT complex through interactive cadaver images from Columbia, the Netherlands, and France; Rotovision Ultrasound modules; and the bone, identifying remarkable studies. It's no longer enough to memorize obscure abbreviationsRSNA needs you to know anatomy, physics, and radiology for a successful career.

"We recommend this text for medical students studying radiology physics. Its packed with content and uncomplicated structure and is fairly user-friendly." - PubMed Cited by 33 Physicians - Pub Med feature at Radiological Physics Text "A superlative presentation. This book is a gem of a resource, one that is meticulously written with an extremely thorough review of the material." - Reviews & Commentary, Radiology, 275:50-51 d2c66b5586