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Where To Buy Big Pieces Of Cardboard


Where To Buy Big Pieces Of Cardboard

So how do you shred cardboard for compost Ideally, you need to remove any plastic from cardboard packaging before putting it in a compost bin. Flatten the cardboard on a large surface before cutting into strips with a box cutter. Cutting along the corrugated lines will make work easier. Wetting the card beforehand can also be a big help.

Shredding cardboard can be a very time consuming and manual process. But if you want to get the benefit of this abundant material for use in your compost, you need some kind of method for dealing with it.

Slice the cardboard with a decent box cutter, as far as possible cutting along the lines of corrugation, not against them (By the way, I find cutting cardboard with scissors is highly frustrating).

Personally, I prefer the electric shredder method, and this is why you begin with 8 inch wide pieces so that they feed into the mouth of the shredder. However, a word of warning. I recommend you use a heavy-duty shredder for this (my standard shredder broke down when I tried it with card, but then again, it was only a cheap model).

A shredder results in cardboard pieces which are light and airy. This is great for composting and in particular for vermicomposting. The shredded paper has a high surface area making it easy break down as the composting microbes get to work.

This idea is pretty simple. If you soak cardboard it becomes easy to tear. Depending on how much card you want to shred and the size of your packaging, you have a few different ways of achieving this. You can even leave the plastic parts in place, since most of the time they become easier to remove after soaking.

Lasagna gardening is a slow compost process that requires little effort. The method begins by laying down sheets of cardboard which then get composted into the underlying soil and vegetation. You then add alternate layers of nitrogen rich green material, and dry carbon rich waste.

These guidelines are in place because Streets Division operators will need to collect the cardboard outside the cart by hand in many cases. The bundles of cardboard must be easily manageable so the operator can exit their truck then safely lift the bundles in order to get them into the recycling truck.