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Overloud Choptones Angel Scream Rig Library-R2R

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Review: Overloud Choptones Angel Scream Rig Library-R2R

If you are looking for a versatile and high-quality collection of guitar tones for your Overloud TH-U software, you might want to check out the Choptones Angel Scream Rig Library-R2R. This library features 94 rigs that cover a wide range of styles and genres, from metal to rock, blues to pop, and more. The rigs are based on the sound of the legendary Engl Powerball amplifier, which is known for its tight and aggressive distortion, as well as its clean and crunchy channels.

The Choptones Angel Scream Rig Library-R2R was created by professional engineers who captured different tones using various combinations of cabinets, microphones, pedals, and settings. The library includes cabinets from Engl, EVH, Mesa Boogie, Marshall, and more, loaded with speakers from Celestion, Eminence, Jensen, and more. The microphones used include Shure, Sennheiser, Royer, AKG, and more. The pedals used include Boss, MXR, Ibanez, and more.

The library is easy to use and compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms. You can load the rigs into your TH-U software and tweak them to your liking using the built-in effects and parameters. You can also mix and match different components from different rigs to create your own custom tones. The library also comes with a user manual that explains how to install and use the library.

The Choptones Angel Scream Rig Library-R2R is a great addition to your Overloud TH-U collection if you are looking for some powerful and versatile guitar tones that can suit any musical situation. The library is available for purchase from the Overloud website[^1^] for $29.

One of the highlights of the Choptones Angel Scream Rig Library-R2R is the variety of tones that it offers. You can find rigs that emulate classic rock tones from the 70s and 80s, modern metal tones from the 90s and 2000s, bluesy tones with a touch of overdrive, clean tones with a hint of chorus, and more. The library also includes some ambient and experimental rigs that use modulation, delay, and reverb effects to create atmospheric and spacious sounds.

Another highlight of the library is the quality and realism of the rigs. The Choptones engineers did a great job of capturing the nuances and dynamics of the Engl Powerball amplifier and its associated gear. The rigs sound authentic and responsive, and they react well to your playing style and guitar settings. You can hear the difference between single-coil and humbucker pickups, as well as between different pickup positions. You can also adjust the gain, volume, tone, and presence knobs on the amplifier to fine-tune your sound.

The Choptones Angel Scream Rig Library-R2R is a must-have for any guitar player who uses Overloud TH-U software and wants to expand their sonic palette with some high-quality and versatile guitar tones. The library is suitable for any genre and skill level, and it can inspire you to create new music or improve your existing songs. Whether you are recording in your home studio, jamming with your friends, or performing live on stage, you can rely on the Choptones Angel Scream Rig Library-R2R to deliver some amazing sounds. 9160f4acd4


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