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Water Game Puzzles: Solve the Challenges and Help the Characters!

Currently, there are 6 Fireboy and Watergirl games on Coolmath Games. While they all follow the same co-op platformer game format, all six games actually vary quite a bit. While the first Fireboy and Watergirl is pretty straightforward, the sequels offer fun variations such as icy terrains, helpful fairies, and mysterious portals.

water game

The developer of this game requires that we show video ads during gameplay, even for our premium subscribers. We have blocked the rest of the ads on this page, and you will still have all ads removed on most of our pages.

This one is pretty straightforward, we know that as elementals Fireboy can only go on fire and Watergirl can only go in water, but what about the green lake? Both Fireboy and Watergirl have to avoid the green lake. Remember that if one of the characters die you have to restart.

This classic game brings me back to my childhood, and I love the modern wood finish. Much better than the old plastic ones! My son is too young for this, but I'm enjoying playing with it and am excited to give it to him when he's ready!

Bought two of these water games, one for a family friend and the second for our toddler. Ordered them in November and upon delivery they both looked perfect! We wrapped them up for the kiddos to open for Christmas. The one that went to our family friend was a hit - everyone, even the parents and grandparents were all over it and had so much fun. Sadly, the one for our family started leaking the same day our toddler opened it. I tried reaching out to customer service a couple of times with no response.

Need more free and cheap activities for the kids this summer break? Our family started a Boredom Busters jar: a painted Mason jar full of ideas to keep them busy (and tired out). Anyone complaining of boredom can open it and pick out an activity. Or, try one of our ultimate summer bucket list ideas with 100 (mostly) free outdoor games and activities for kids or 25 free (and educational) things to do with kids this summer.

Paint target circles and point amounts on the ground. Using large, soaked sponges, attempt to hit the targets. The wet spots show your score in this water game. Related: 40 Classic Outdoor Games for Kids

Use slate remnants (or stones) as a canvas and a cup of water and paintbrush as your medium. The wet brush will allow your little one to create a masterpiece, which will quickly dry, allowing for infinite drawings.

Work some science experiments into your water games with this educational activity. Get a deep, clear plastic bowl or bin, and then gather various items (penny, bottle cap, plastic lid, Lego, plastic doll shoe, and so on). Create a chart with "Here's What I think It Will Do" (circle SINK or FLOAT) in one column and "Here's What It Did" (circle SINK or FLOAT) in a second column. See if your child can accurately predict what will happen. This can also be done in a wading pool.

Fill up a deep tray or plastic storage bin with warm, soapy water and another one with clear water for rinsing. Haul over a bin of water-safe toys and put the kids to work! Use cleaning utensils such as toothbrushes, nail brushes, sponges, and bottle brushes. Kids might actually enjoy the chance to try an adult activity while scrubbing away the season's grime and grit. Bonus: Clean toys!

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Add a water bucket race to your next backyard party or play date. Line up the kids into even-numbered teams across from each other. Every person gets a bucket (or a big red Solo cup). Start each team with a bucket full of water and have one player carefully dump the liquid into an empty one, trying not to spill any. At the end of the line, whoever has the most water wins.

Armed with a set of inexpensive spray bottles, let the kiddies have at each other for a water battle royale. You're out when your shirt is wet, and the clothes don't lie! Variation: All kids wear white T-shirts. Add two different food colors to the water to create two teams. Last color standing, wins. (We love these mini spray bottles available on Amazon for toddlers and younger kids.)

Water balloons are sort of the original water game. Thankfully, there are now water balloon kits that come with DIY pumpers or multi-fittings for your hose or faucet, making it easier and faster to fill them. Between tossing, squishing, popping, and bobbing, water balloons can provide hours of fun.

Cut plastic milk gallon jugs or cartons in half. Holding the handle with the open side facing up, place a water balloon inside and lightly toss the balloon to another person to catch. Remember to toss and catch gently or expect a...splat!

Separate into teams. Have each team sit down in the grass in a straight line, facing forward. The last person in line faces backward. At both ends of each line place a large bowl or bucket. Have the first person in line fill a plastic cup with water from the bucket in the front of the line. Then have them pass the cup to the person behind them by passing it back over their head. The last person in line pours the water into the bucket in front of them and afterward, passes the cup to the start. Whichever team fills their bucket first, wins!

Fill up a bunch of water balloons and head outside for a fun game of water balloon dodgeball. Kids can play on teams or everyone can play against each other. Littles will have hours of fun throwing and dodging water balloons.

Water balloons can be tons of fun! Use them for an old-fashioned water balloon fight where you want to get hit so you can cool off! Toss them into the air and wait for them to splatter at your feet as they hit the ground.

Have a fun relay with just sponges, water, and a bucket or kiddie pool. Children can soak sponges in the bucket of water and place them on their heads to then race to the other side of the yard. When they get to the empty bucket, have them squeeze the water into it. The first team to fill it wins!

Water gun squirt races are a fun competitive activity. Set up is pretty easy with just some string and plastic cups. Kids can use water guns to move their cups along a string. They can race each other to see who will win!

A water balloon slide is a great way to beat the Summer heat! Prepare a lot of water balloons and lay them out on a slip-and-slide or large tarp. Let children run and slide into the water balloons. They will love it when the water sprays them as the balloons pop!

Half of the fun involved in this activity is making the boat! Use a pool noodle, pencil, cardboard, and straw. Assemble the boat and float it in a bin. Use the straw to blow the boat across the water.

Tag is always a fun and easy game for children to play. Make it Summer friendly by adding a twist. Give students a small squirt bottle and let them spray each other instead of physically tagging them.

Hand a water blaster to each child. Use a large beach ball as a target and have students move the ball by blasting water onto it. Kids must work together to move the ball. Set up a start and finish line so they know how far to go.

Another water activity to try out with a plastic bat and water balloons is making a water balloon piñata. Simply hang a water balloon and let students try to burst it with the plastic bat. This task is harder than it may seem. For an added challenge, get your littles to wear a blindfold.

Create this water sensory bin to show the effects of water pollution. Let students play in the bin and pick out the items that are bad for the water. This is great for initiating a conversation regarding how we can best care for the environment.

Creating a water wall is a great way to create an outdoor play activity. Let kids help you create the design and then have a go at pouring water into the top and watching it flow down the design into an awaiting bucket.


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