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Cartman Gets An Anal Probe UPD

At the very beginning of the episode, Cartman details his supposed dream of him being abducted by aliens and receiving an anal probe. The others try to convince him it was real, but Cartman assumes they are just trying to scare him. Chef then pulls up and asks the boys if they saw a visitor spaceship, inadvertently confirming the reality behind Cartman's "dream". Chef is also wearing a T-shirt with a picture of an alien "visitor" on the back with the word "Believe", scaring Cartman even more. As Chef leaves, the school bus arrives, introducing Ms. Crabtree, a scary-looking, loud-mouthed, middle-aged school bus driver who constantly tells the children to "Sit down and shut up!" As the bus is driving away, Kyle looks back and sees his brother Ike, being held by two visitors.

Cartman Gets an Anal Probe

After being told visitors abducted Kyle's brother, Chef freaks out and says, "What the hell do you think you are doing in school eating Salisbury steak? Go find him, dammit!" A cyclops-like robot then pops up from behind Cartman and quickly retreats from whence it came, this ends up being the anal probe from Cartman's "dream". To help the children find Kyle's brother, Chef pulls down the fire alarm.

When the children get out of school, Cartman still does not believe that he has gotten an anal probe from the visitors. While insisting that he not be under mind control, a beam from above hits him out of nowhere as he suddenly sings "I Love to Singa". The children use this as proof that visitors are controlling Cartman. Cartman, in all ignorance, still disagrees with their idea.

As Kyle Broflovski, Stan Marsh, Kenny McCormick, and Eric Cartman wait for the school bus, Kyle's brother, Ike, tries to follow Kyle to school. Kyle tells Ike he cannot come to school with him. Cartman tells the boys about a dream he had the previous night about being abducted by aliens. The others try to convince him the events did happen and that the aliens are called "visitors", but Cartman refuses to believe them. Chef pulls up in his car and asks if the boys saw the alien spaceship the previous evening, confirming Cartman's "dream", and relays stories of alien anal probes (which Cartman denies he experienced throughout the episode). After Chef leaves, the school bus picks up the boys, and (looking out the back window) they watch in horror as the visitors abduct Ike. Kyle spends the rest of the episode attempting to rescue him.

When Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Cartman wait for the school bus, Cartman says he has dreamed that he was kidnapped by aliens who gave him an anal probe. The others try to convince him that this actually happened, but Cartman says he really just wanted to scare them and says it was just a dream. Chef drives by in his car and asks if they have seen a spaceship , thereby unknowingly confirming Cartman's "dream". After Chef drives away, the school bus drives up, driven by Mrs. Crabtree - a scary-looking, hard-talking, middle-aged woman who constantly shouts at the kids to sit and shut up. When the bus drives off, Kyle looks outside and sees that two aliens are holding his brother Ike.