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The album's title was originally planned to be Latinna, and it also includes promotional singles intended for the cancelled extended play (EP) Summer Days. Inna and Body and the Sun were supported by several concert tours in Europe and Japan. Seven singles have also been released to aid the record, of which "Cola Song" (2014) was successful in Europe and was certified Platinum in Spain and "Diggy Down" (2014) marked Inna's third number one hit in Romania. Commercially, Inna only reached minor success on record charts, peaking at number 157 in Japan and at position 45 in Mexico.

Inna Body And The Sun zip

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Inna first hinted at the release of new music by uploading a preview of unreleased tracks on her YouTube channel on 18 October 2014; the video included samples of "Bamboreea", "Jungle", "We Wanna", "Rendez Vous", "Danse avec moi" and "Hola".[9] The album was originally scheduled to be named Latinna (stylized as LatINNA). In an interview with Direct Lyrics in April 2014, the singer said that title alluded at her "feel[ing] Latinna" (Latina) and her notable success in Spanish-speaking, Latin-origin territories.[10] The album was then changed to Inna as "[she wants] that and [she feels] that right now". The singer also stated that it is "a lot of [her] and [her] energy, and [she] felt it coming very natural", confessing that her favorite track on the album was "Fool Me".[8] The record includes "Take Me Higher", "Low", "Devil's Paradise", "Tell Me", "Body and the Sun" and "Summer Days", which were released as promotional singles in 2014[11][12] for the cancelled extended play (EP) Summer Days.[13] Inna recorded the album in one year in various cities, such as Barcelona, Ibiza, Los Angeles and Copenhagen.[8]

"Diggy Down" (2014) was released as the third single for the album,[3] sampling a portion of Marian Hill's "Got It" (2015).[23][24] Musically, it is an R&B-influenced dance-pop love track.[33][34][35] The recording reached number one on Romania's Airplay 100,[36] marking the singer's third number one song in the country after "Hot" (2008) and "Amazing" (2009).[37][38] It also won Best Dance at the 2015 Media Music Awards.[39] After "We Wanna" with Alexandra Stan and Daddy Yankee featured only on certain editions of Inna,[4] "Bop Bop" followed in 2015 as the fifth release.[5] It is a dance-pop song featuring American singer Eric Turner,[40][41][42] and reached number two in Romania.[43] The record's last singles, "Yalla" (2015) and "Rendez Vous" (2016),[6][7] were both moderately successful in Inna's native country.[44][45] "Yalla" is a dance-pop track sung in English and partially in Arabic language,[13][46] while "Rendez Vous" samples Mr. President's 1996 recording "Coco Jamboo".[23][24] "Take Me Higher" is a deep house and pop song,[47][48] with "Low" being a chillout track about the singer's intimate moments with her suitor that showcases her vocal abilities.[49][50] Another track from the cancelled Summer Days EP, "Devil's Paradise", is a ballad with synth-pop beats and electronic influences talking about her "ultimate pleasure with her new man",[51][52] while "Body and the Sun" is a deep house and electropop song, written about Inna missing her man's body.[53][54]

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