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Where Can I Buy Pill Pockets For Dogs


Where Can I Buy Pill Pockets For Dogs

I make my dogs pill pockets with powdered milk honey and peanut butter. Discovered this when I made peanut butter balls for my kids. Dog ate them as fast as the kids. I get my dogs RX at my pharmacy, saves $$$.

Thank you for sharing the recipe. I used to use peanut butter or cheese but my new rescue cocker spaniel will eat around it and spit the pill out. The store bought pill poppers fixed that problem but 2 dogs getting meds twice a day and adding another 2 a day each time they get sick or have surgery is starting to add up. Your recipe will help keep the cost down.

Thanks for sharing this recipe, we have two dogs a 11 month old border collie and a 6 yr old shep terrier mix, the 6 yr old has hip issues so is taking glucosamine / Chondroitin pills and also have to border collie on them as a preventive since they are prone to hip issues also. I found my dogs love pill pockets but as previously stated they get to very expensive. Also found on Chewy pill wraps. I made this recipe this morning and the dogs loved it just like treats. but instead of making the individual pill pockets, i am going to leave it in a ball and just tear off enough to wrap around the pill. As you stated the pockets have plenty to cover a pill..

The pill pockets currently sold in stores are; as you mentioned, expensive, come with prop 65 warning labels, and or make false statements about the ingredients being natural. Seriously, why would I consciously feed my dog anything containing chemicals known to cause cancer And if a brand of any dog product states the ingredients are natural, but the list of ingredients on the backside, does not state so; makes me question what is really in that dog product.

You have made me so happy and excited to make my pup his pill pockets. This homemade recipe has put my mind at rest. Made with a few simple, approved for human consumption, natural, ingredients, Awesome!

Thank you so much! You have really solved a huge problem for me. My pup is a severe diabetic and the pill pockets were raising his blood sugar even higher. There are no pill pockets on the market for diabetic dogs. You really made my day!

I have been using this recipe for a few weeks with my senior furr-baby and he loves them. My kids also enjoy helping make them. We make enough for a week at a time and keep them in the fridge.We too were spending a fortune on pill pockets and needed an alternative. We have tried plain PB or cheese, neither worked, he would simply spit out the pill after the food was gone. I asked my vet about this recipe today, just to be safe. They had no reservations, assuming we had xylitol free PB, other than potentially the milk, which tends to cause stomach upset in dogs. Our boy has been eating them for 3 weeks with no trouble, so we lucked out there. They recommended coconut oil (melted) as a substitute for dogs with a dairy intolerance.

THANK YOU FOR THIS! Meds are already so expensive, to buy the pill pockets are just an added insult. I cut the time down by using oat flour. Question though: I get far more pockets from a batch because my charge is a chihuahua. How long do they last in the fridge/ have you tried freezing them

This put me in a tough spot. Max needed his pill... but it was 8pm and the last thing I wanted to do was run out to a pet store, only to spend $8 on yet another bag of pre-made pill pockets. Those things add up!

Pill pockets are designed with unique flavors, so dogs are willing to chomp them down. Bacon, chicken, and peanut butter are among the more popular choices, as these aromatic flavors are big hits with most dogs.

Only buy pill pockets and treats from trusted brands and companies. This guarantees quality materials and safe production. Many leading dog food makers also sell pill pockets for dogs, allowing you to stay brand consistent.

Not all pill pockets for dogs are created equal, so be sure to choose options that are low-calorie, low-fat, and offer other nut


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