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[P3D] FSUIPC 5.103 PC

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I finally managed to get it working with the 400 FSUIPC 5.103 Crack Key with WOW . But as im flying on KXi and having tried several times, im flying Ailerons in crosswinds for 1 hour or so, and even on nice missions and i can not seem to make any pull down from very little power when i turn towards wind, not sure if this is a bug or my doing but that was my experience on xi. So, today Im flying standard on xi and i used the online demo to fly straight and level and when i arrived at about 4.1 and decided to move toward the wind, i could pull power as low as 4 but not lower and i could reach the indicated power and could pick up but then the control just went batty and i would start going up to keep the aircraft in a straight line and that power then dropped so i couldn't move and it just went to autopilot or disabled the control system for a few seconds and then i could pull power back up and pick up again. OK, i can use the 4 in the 400 a few times with the control turned off but then turn control on and it goes into its 'area' and I never go back to the limits. Is there a config file for 400 that I could start with to make this work the way the FSUIPC control does Im on xi standard, kXiAileronsL 4500 and the 400 is calibrated to the xtra docs.

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