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Maksim Romanov

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A closer look at what happened in a cultural climate in which authors were able to choose between prose and verse can contribute to a better understanding of how poetry and literary media changed in the late Middle Ages and the early modern period. While the general forms through which controversies were expressed have recently been analysed for this era,12 there is still no profound and contextualized research on the verse versus prose debates of that time. Cases where disputes about verse and prose were linked to underlying controversies, thus possibly reflecting the background issues in terms of poetics, are especially interesting. The literary controversy presents an excellent opportunity to highlight other contentious points. The essays in this volume focus on the years between 1400 and 1625, a period especially rich in controversies of all kinds. Their aim is to investigate why poetry was still used at a time when the shift towards prose was well underway and how verse contributed to the unfolding of political, religious and educational arguments. Thus, this volume provides a literary perspective that is seldom taken in German literature studies of this period, which is studied by medievalists on the one hand and modernists on the other. Collaborating with specialists in the field of Dutch literature, where disciplines are not divided in the same way, made it possible to minimize the polarizing effect of these two influences. Furthermore, existing research that predominantly focusses on the theological controversies surrounding Luther has to be contextualized within the use of verse in other kinds of disputes.13 For these reasons, this volume aims to uncover the motivations and circumstances that led to the choice of poetry over prose for a variety of controversies.

How To End An Essay About Oppression internetz

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We do have to speak in a tone to cater to your feelings. I know it may be a shock, but everything is not about you. We would like to talk about us for a second and counter all the oppression and discrimination by discussing how we feel, with passion.


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