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Buy Disposable Coffee Cups With Lids

Restaurant Supply Drop is a top provider of cafe supplies at everyday wholesale pricing. We have a wide selection of coffee shop products including coffee jackets, coffee cups, lids, coffee house syrups and much more. Need a full-service coffee shop supplier? We're your fast, easy, and best priced solution - call a cafe supply specialist at 310-988-2144.

buy disposable coffee cups with lids

We're a one stop shop for wholesale to-go food containers, custom printed restaurant supplies, coffee shop supply, take-out boxes, frozen yogurt supplies, and bubble tea supplies. For restaurants, we carry 500+ different sizes and styles of carry out containers. For juice shops, we have all the different style PET Plastic Cups you'll need. For bubble tea shops + shaved ice store + FroYo Stands, we have tea zone syrups, toppings, and various quick desserts. If you need coffee shop supplies, you need to be shopping here for your favorite Torani Syrups, disposable coffee cups, and 1883 Maison Routin Syrup. Long Story short, if you own a QSR and need something disposable, we're the people to call. carries a full range of paper coffee cup sizes including 4, 8, 10, 12, 16 20 and 24-ounce sizes. Pick the size that'll best work with the beverages you're serving. And, let's make sure you're buying the right size paper coffee cup lid to fit your cups.

Will you be serving hot or cold beverages? Are you interested in protecting your customers from being burned by a hot paper cup and preventing "double cupping" (using two nested paper cups for a single hot beverage)? Or, will you be using a paper coffee cup sleeve for that purpose? Now, let's talk lids! Our line-up of paper coffee cup lids matches up with all the various sizes of cups. The content of the cup is important when selecting your lids. Are the lids meant for sipping? Should they include a hole for a straw? Do you want button indicators on the lid? If these are lids for soup cups, then that's a lid of a different sort, and we can help you with that too.

From insulated -- to green-friendly -- to plain white cups, you'll be a satisfied with our selection of wholesale paper coffee cups. Insulated paper ripple cups feature ridges that are up to four times deeper than the other imitation ripple cups on the market. Those deeper ridges allow more insulation and less heat transfer between the cup and your hand. These ripple coffee cups are available in 100% natural brown kraft, matte black, or blue. Our wholesale paper coffee cup line features leakproof, LDPE lined (biopolymer made from all natural plant sugars), FDA approved, green friendly, chlorine free, bleached white paper. They are made from all natural and sustainable resources with no petrochemicals. These premium white paperboard cups feel and perform like traditional paper coffee cups. They are double-seamed to withstand boiling liquids and yet, they are fully compostable within 90 to 120 days, so they meet ASTM D6400 compostable standards and are BPI certified. These insulated paper coffee cups with lids maintain the appearance of a smooth paper cup. Their double wall construction helps to keep cold drinks cold, and hot drinks hot longer. They also provide protection to your customers' hands from the heat of the beverage. Made with post-consumer recycled material, they are an eco-friendly alternative. Go for a natural, green look with the compostable, double wall design by our Planet+ coffee cup line! Our coffee cup lids are constructed of strong material that results in less cracking. They are available in an assortment of colors including brown, black, white, and clear. And we also have eco-friendly options that are produced using 100% compostable Ingeo PLA material.

Whether it's insulating protection, custom branded logos, and messages, or eco-friendly solutions that you're seeking, has the wholesale paper coffee cups and coffee cup lids that will meet your needs. What's important to you in a coffee cup lid? Our coffee cup lids includes features like buttons to indicate cream, decaf, or black coffee. And they have a comfortable sip hole that results in less dripping when sipping. Our lids fit right! We have lids that are specified for each of the paper coffee cup sizes that we sell. At we've already tested the lids in the related products section so you can be sure that they're high quality and that they fit that particular cup. Little tip here: to avoid that "sip drip," When putting the lid on a cup, align the spout up directly across from the cup seam. Then, press the lid down and apply pressure evenly until you feel the lid snap or pop into place.

The coffee industry is booming right now. In every city all over the country, you can see artisanal coffee shops popping up one after the other. People love coffee, and now, they really love locally made coffee with consciously curated ingredients and packaging. High-quality paper coffee cups, lids, and sleeves are a must, and will tell your customers whether you are a follower of this growing industry trend, or if you've missed the boat. But don't go buying the most expensive and "artsy" coffee packaging you can find. prides itself on providing everything you need at affordable prices and fast, same-day shipping.

Our paper coffee cups with lids not only look great and come in multiple designs, but they are also good for the environment. Whether you choose our white, coffee revolution, swirl design, or our Monaco design, all of our paper coffee cups are recyclable. Our white disposable cups are fully customizable so you can print your business's logo right on the cup to market your unique brand. Choose from a variety of sizes, and don't forget to select one of our lids and compostable sleeves to complete the ensemble.

We offer you the choice between regular, and compostable and biodegradable coffee cup lids. You can also choose between white, clear, brown, and black to customize your packaging to your business. We have multiple size lids to accommodate all our cup sizes.

Our line of eco-friendly coffee cups and lids are the perfect choice for our earth-conscious clients. Earth Guard and Planet+ cups are completely biodegradable, compostable, and are lined with all natural plant sugars to create the leak-resistant protection. We offer lids to accommodate our eco-friendly cups in both dome style and flat.

Our Ripple-Wrap DetPak coffee cups offer supreme insulation for both hot and cold drinks. Their ridges are four times deeper than any other ripple style coffee cup, which makes our cups the very best at trapping heat or cold inside to prevent transfer between the cup and the customer's hand.

Who doesn't love getting two for the price of one? Our biodegradable, recyclable Planet+ coffee cups with lids accomplish exactly that. If you want to support the environment, but you also don't want to burn your customers' skin, try these. You won't even need a sleeve because it's already built into the cup for extra protection. And if you want a product that is leak resistant, made with 90% renewable resources, and is fully customizable, try our Jazz custom paper coffee cups with lids.

Get Noticed! Logo'd items are a proven way to help promote your product and build your brand. Reinforce your message with every sip taken from your new custom printed cups. We offer a wide selection of cups, napkins, coffee sleeves, coasters and more that can all be custom printed for your business. You will love our quality and your customers will be impressed with your style!

If you're really going to trace the history of coffee drinking, you have to begin with the history of water drinking. And if you're going to follow the history of disposable coffee cups, you have to begin with the history of disposable water cups.

Michigander William F. Dart and his son William A. Dart had been experimenting with an expanded polystyrene, a substance that companies had been struggling to find a practical commercial use for ever since it was developed in 1954. The Darts started trying to assemble a machine that could manufacture expanded-polystyrene foam cups in 1957.

And in 1964 on Long Island, N.Y., convenience chain 7-Eleven became the first chain to offer fresh coffee in to-go cups. The company quickly expanded to-go coffee to the rest of its Northeast chains, and then nationwide.

Toward the tail end of the decade, coffee lids began to come into their own, too. In 1967, Philadelphian Alan Frank filed a patent for a tearable coffee lid, finally acknowledging that Americans were drinking their coffee as they walked.

For many fans of practical design, the apotheosis of the coffee-cup lid came about in 1984, when Solo filed the patent for the Traveler lid, which combined a sleek, functional look with a lid domed enough to accommodate specialty drinks, a protruding rim that helped cool coffee before it reached the drinker's mouth, and even a depression in the middle so the drinker wouldn't have to smush his nose against plastic every time he took a sip. (In 2005, the Museum of Modern Art added the Solo Traveler lid to its permanent collection.)

Meanwhile, as the coffee-cup lid was having its decade in the sun, the styrene foam cup was going through dark times. The environmental movement was no longer a niche philosophy, and mainstream Americans were finally absorbing the concept of conscientious consumerism. Styrene cups began a decline, and paper coffee cups staged a comeback. 041b061a72


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