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Galaxy Fight Club: The Future of NFT Gaming

What is Galaxy Fight Club (GCOIN)?Galaxy Fight Club is not just an avatar project, it is a real-time PvP game that brings all the other different NFT collections together on one platform.When you think of Super Smash Bros it gets so much fun that you have characters from different IPs who come together, like Pikachu fighting Mario. Galaxy Fight Club does the same, with a bull from Bulls on the Block fighting a monkey from BAYC, or a cool cat fighting a crypto punk.The main way to earn inside the game is through getting loot box key drops by winning games, there are 3 different types of keys and each has a daily limit/cap, these keys can be combined with GCOIN to open loot boxes to get different items or can be sold on the secondary market as independent NFTs for others who want to open them instead. TeamMore than half of team is from the traditional gaming industry and all team members are based in Asia. Below is a list of all the main members of the project team. People not included in this list are hired to help or volunteer for the project.What makes Fight Club Galaxy unique?If you have characters from different IP addresses, you can, for example, choose Pikachu to fight Mario.Galaxy Fight Club's mission is to create a cross-IP gaming platform for the NFT universe where different IP addresses from different collections can interact in a meaningful way.

Galaxy Fight Club's Founder Ado says, "In Ready Player One there are different planets known for different experiences and players hop between each planet with their avatars. At the moment most P2E games are still turn-based and not that enjoyable, Galaxy Fight Club is designed to be fun-to-play first, play-to-earn second. in the future we see Galaxy Fight Club as that go-to planet for PvP experiences known for fighting, combat and excitement."

galaxy fight club

Galaxy Fight Club is the first cross-IP, cross-platform (PC+ Mobile) PvP fighting game where holders of different NFT collections can battle with each other to both win and earn rewards through play-to-earn mechanics.

Galaxy Fight Club is a cross-IP, cross-platform (PC + Mobile) PvP fighting game where holders of different NFT collections can battle with each other to both win and earn rewards through our play-to-earn mechanics.

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Galaxy Fight Club (GFC) is the first cross-IP, cross-platform (PC & Mobile) PvP fighting game, where holders of different NFT collections can battle with each other to both win and earn rewards through play-to-earn mechanics. It has a fast-paced MOBA gameplay that is mobile-native and similar to Brawl Stars. Each 3v3 match is around 5 minutes long and the team that gets 20 kills first wins the match.

Whether players decide to wage war with a tricked-out genesis fighter, an NFT from elsewhere, or an automated default fighter with base stats, their avatar can be put to the test in PvP Deathmatches, 3v3 Team Tournaments and 10-person Battle Royales with a range of prizes up for grabs, including $GCOIN, weapons, even ETH.

As the first cross-IP, cross-platform (PC & Mobile) PvP fighting game, Galaxy Fight Club (GFC) allows players with various NFT collections to compete against one another to win prizes and unlock new content. Its mobile-optimized, fast-paced MOBA gameplay is comparable to Brawl Stars. Each 3v3 game lasts for about five minutes, and the team that scores 20 kills first wins.

There will be four game modes: 3v3, tournaments, 1v1, and Battle Royale. Players can choose to enter these game modes to earn $GCOIN. For players that do not enjoy participating in the actual battles, players can become a manager and concentrate on hiring other players to fight for them in exchange for loot share, or become a crafter and concentrate on finding the best ingredients to forge into newer and stronger weapons for more opportunities.

A default fighter with base stats and a default base tier weapon will be provided to a player if they do not have access to any avatars. Regardless of the avatar they use to play the game, all players have the chance to win loot box keys. Nevertheless, depending on your avatar, you can win different kinds of loot box keys.

Players can also earn money passively (a small amount is generated each day) by entering into tournaments, forging and selling weapons, creating and selling second-generation fighters, and renting out fighters.

We are excited to announce a brand new partnership with Galaxy Fight Club, another premiere project in the NFT gaming space! Galaxy Fight Club is a 3v3 PvP brawler with a collection of their own characters you can use as fighters.

The game will be a 3D hyper-casual styled fighting game that is similar to Brawl Stars. Fighters will be able to engage in both melee or ranged attacks depending on the weapon that they have selected with a movement system that allows them to move up, move down, left, right as well as the ability to engage with several obstacles and objects scattered across the map.

Galaxy Fight Club is a Play-to-earn cross-platform (PC & Mobile) fighting game, where holders of different NFT collections can battle with each other to both win and earn rewards. We got together on Polkastarter telegram with Ado (CEO) to discover all about their mission and roadmap. You can read the complete AMA here.Looking forward to learning all about Galaxy Fight Club? Go check their dedicated project page.

Galaxy Fight Club The first real-time PvP game to bring together all the other different NFT collections onto one single platform, meaning users can 'log in' with an NFT they already bought and use that character to battle ones from other NFT collections, while still being free to play for anyone who doesn't own any NFTs.Galaxy Fight Club is a cross-IP, cross-platform (PC+ Mobile) PvP fighting game where holders of different NFT collections can battle with each other to both win and earn rewards through our play-to-earn mechanics.The main game mode is held in the 3v3 arena, where each match is around 5 minutes long and aims for each team to get 20 kills to win the match.

"Galaxy Fight Club" is said to be the first-ever, cross-IP, cross-platform (PC and mobile) PvP title that follows the tradition of hit fighting games of old while tapping the expanding niche of NFT games. To play GFC, players log in with their third-party NFT, such as CyberKongz or Bored Ape Yacht Club, or any native character NFT, then fight against other gamers to earn rewards and payouts.

GFC is similar in nature to Nintendo's hit crossover fighting title "Super Smash Bros.," wherein characters from within and beyond the platform's gaming universe exist and battle it out on the same domain. GFC follows the same principle but is even more ambitious, as it seeks to cull characters from multiple rival NFT platforms onto the same gaming environment.

GFC has recently sold around $10 million worth of NFTs that formed part of its Genesis Collection, Benzinga noted, with about 10,127 fighters native to the game. The most valuable NFT in its collection is the mustachioed, club-wielding Centurion named Galaxy Fighter #5041, which is worth $33,200.

Players who want to get a first crack at the game need not have an NFT from the Genesis Collection or from a third-party. A default NFT fighter will be allocated for beginners--featuring base stats and a default, base-level weapon--upon sign-up. Once they level up, these players can gradually increase their character's strength when they buy or win clothes, armor or gain a powerful weapon.

While the main game mode centers around bloody 3-vs-3 matches that takes about five minutes, wherein a team that makes 20 kills wins, other modes are available such as the Classic Death Match and Battle Royale. Players can also concentrate on breeding or training second generation fighters by "burning" or removing weapons from circulation and paying a training fee in $GCOIN.

The GFC team has added new features and collaborated with Web3 projects to improve the game. In the upcoming update, the team will add new traits for eyes and mouth. As a result, in-game designers have created over 100 new components for players - eyes, mouths, items - these will grant players additional stats to implement to their fighters.

Galaxy Fight Club continues introducing unique features in anticipation of its upcoming P2E mobile game. The game will feature fighters from all over the metaverse, including CyberKongs and Bored Apes.

The GFC is made up of 9,994 Galaxy Fighters in addition to the game. Users must own at least one Galaxy Fighter in order to participate in the game's major modes (Team Tournament and Battle Royale), which allows players to battle as the Galaxy Fighter or use avatars from other collections in your wallet. [5]Fighters:Userbase and monthly active users (MAU) are important metrics that should be increasing over time for a healthy game and our system is set up to achieve this goal while ensuring the value given to the original Galaxy Fighters also increases over time. [8]While all major NFT collections will be integrated into Galaxy Fight Club, there is an original 10,129 Galaxy Fighter collection.Each Galaxy Fighter also comes with its own weapon, similar to the fighters themselves, the strength of the weapon is correlated with their rarity and tier which will be common, uncommon, rare, and exotic.Players can be able to access the base weapon that comes with their Galaxy Fighter in the game. They also have the ability to swap them out for other weapons which are individual NFTs, so far these are the OG Boxing Gloves and the Doctore's Crossbow. [3]


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