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Something 40

Then try out a test run (with a friend or two and some way to get ahold of the outside world if things go sideways), getting out into the wild and putting your skills to the test. Of course, always be sure others know where you are going in case something goes wrong.

something 40

Stop being so selfish! Numerous studies show that being generous with your time and giving to another person is a surefire way to improve your own happiness. So why not lift your spirits by putting in a few hours a month doing something for a cause bigger than yourself? Whether it's helping the homeless, assisting at an animal shelter, or working for a food drive, getting into the habit of helping others is a good hobby to take on.

Who needs Whole Foods when you've got a yard or just a sizable window box. There are few hobbies that give you a chance to enjoy a nice sunny day while feeling like you're accomplishing something than getting into the garden with a spade. Plant a few vegetables and, come harvest time, you can have a celebratory dinner party to enjoy them.

Is there something you're passionate about and happily talk your friends' ears off about? Are you a great conversationalist who likes to talk to people about a particular topic or hobby? You can share it with the world by starting a podcast. It requires little if any overhead and is a good way to connect with people in your industry or learn more about an area you're already interested in.

Additionally, 46 percent of women have purchased something they saw on social media while only 34 percent of men had done the same. Both women and men prefer clothing, but men put more value in experienced-based purchases, like events and vacations, than women seem to.

As I get older, I do find that jet-lag is more difficult to overcome. One thing that has not changed is my sense of discovery, which has not diminished even after all of these years traveling around the globe. As an impatient individual, one of my biggest lesson learned, and something that has served me well as a travel blogger, is to take all of the frustrating delays and canceled flights in stride as they often reveal the best stories.

We meet hundreds of 20-something travellers and lots of retirees but hardly ever anyone our own age. I feel like we need to start a conference or a meet-up for all the travel bloggers on this list and in the same boat!

Not everyone is thrilled to age another year. But this cheeky birthday card can help them usher in their 40s with a smile. The graphic is printed on recycled paper. Slot a gift card or certificate inside for something extra.

so recently, my ms word has not been working at all. It doesn't work, whether I open a new document or an existing file, and it shows the error message 'sorry, something went wrong and Word was unable to start. (40). It only started to show up recently, and i was wondering if it was because i have not yet updated to the latest version of Windows 8, which i have been unable to do successfully. I have already tried to open in safe mode, and the fix it tool. Does anyone have any idea what i can do?

I had same issue. Nothing changed with my PC (except auto updates for Win7) and now I get the "sorry something went wrong and word was unable to start (24)" error. And I get memory errors for Excel and different errors for Outlook.

On Friday afternoon, a total of 25 different Georgia Military College Prep teachers, representing 40-something percent of all of the teachers at the school, signed a letter titled "Vote of No Confidence regarding President William B. Caldwell, IV." Out of the 25 signatures, 21 of them were signed "Anonymous Teacher," while four of the teachers actually put their names on the letter.

The letter also asserts that the school currently is being audited by the state government, something that pertains to "the appearance of a misappropriation of funds." According to the letter, "the audit could spell disaster for GMC."

By the time you reach your 40s, there's a good chance you'll have had about 20 years of working experience under your belt. And that means you should, ideally, be in a decent place as far as your retirement savings go. Unfortunately, a large number of American 40-somethings are already behind on building their nest eggs. They need to start catching up immediately.

Among U.S. households headed by someone aged 44 to 49, the average retirement savings balance is $81,347, according to the Economic Policy Institute. But while that number may not seem all that bad, it's also a bit misleading. A small number of of wealthier people who are financially able to set aside very large amounts can easily pull an average up. And in fact, they do. If we take a look at the median retirement savings balance -- signifying that half of these households have more saved, and half have less -- it's just $6,200. And what this tells us is that there are far more 40-something families whose nest eggs are below the average than above it.

While it's encouraging to see that the average 40-something American is saving for retirement, most of us need to get a lot more committed to hitting some higher targets. Ramp up those contributions now, and you'll be happier when retirement eventually rolls around.

Seeing that meme made me angry. Angry that we choose to celebrate women for their ability to look young rather than something more concrete. Angry that we continue to pit women against each other as well, over something as natural and uncontrollable as aging.

As three unmarried 40-something males (me, Frederic Bohbot the producer and Bill Stone, the cinematographer), we found ourselves sitting in front of the rabbi wondering: What does it take to commit? How does one get married after just three dates, before real feelings have emerged? Is love even necessary? Or is it just a choice?

The lens, unlike the cornea, is somewhat flexible and can change shape with the help of a circular muscle that surrounds it. When you look at something at a distance, the circular muscle relaxes. When you look at something nearby, the muscle constricts, allowing the relatively elastic lens to curve and change its focusing power.

It's a massive adjustment to take your mind from enjoying the second half of your working life, coasting on a boat, considering launching a startup or learning a completely new industry. I've spoken to fellow 40+ friends and their interpretation of starting something new is stuck in the walls and images of HBO's 'Silicon Valley'. Let's not get that extreme.

There WILL be jobs and needs that humans can only do. This is well documented. But for the 40 and 50 year olds who have an inkling to try something different and learn, there are too many free resources to help jump start the creativity. You'll just need to say no to a weekend of binge watching a show to start. ;)

But good luck for all of you still in the gutter! Maybe this term will be when people finally demand something better, when conditions get so bad and exploitative that people will not take it any more.

I feel that we really dotn have much to complain about compared to those that live in 3rd world countries with little resources.But I was just reading something about our taxes and how many hours a year we work to pay our taxes it like over 100 days of work .Even the poor felon makes a living wage the problems is that taxes hurt us .If I could work and actually keep that 300 dollars a week I would earn working full time hell Id be better of . I see the logic in paying taxes workmens comp ,SSI ,roads need repairing if we got invaded do you think soilder would defend us hell theyd be running we have to brainwash the youth to be killers for us where captialist god dam it .

The facts you are mentioning probably make sense (I do not know, I do not live in the US but in France).Your religious views are your private thing and it is up to you to believe or not in something.

I am a proud military wife. My Westie is my fur baby. Tattoo fan & world traveller. I am obsessive about live music. No matter how dark life feels there is always something to be greatful for. ''ITS NOT ABOUT HOW YOU GET THROUGH THE STORM ITS ABOUT HOW YOU DANCE IN THE RAIN'' 041b061a72


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