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Codename - OutBreak Game For PC [iso] Bot

Edited: broblems disappears if you set Upscale value on none or gpu in PS2-FPKG_v0.6.If you want Force 60hz PAL mode in the game and force bilinear filtering, write in the config:

Codename - OutBreak game for PC [iso] bot

Download File:

Emu used=Jakv2. Fully playable with right config mentioned above plus --force-frame-blend=1 #fix for shaking menu ui and lua file for game-breaking bug for getting stuck in the room before Irene in Helraios. Updated configConfirmed getting stuck bug fixed. Works perfectly now

I used PS2-FPKG_v0.6 converter with the config for PS3 game, it's already present in converter. When converting, check the box Auto-Add PS3 Config, and uncheck the rest, then choose Destroy All Humans V2 emu, just put this Destroy All Humans V2 emu folder into PS2-FPKG_v0.6\emus\ and just select it in the program. Use The suffering 2 emulator configuration inside config-emu-ps4.txt.

-Game has a few cutscenes that play out of sync with audio and a few that the camera does not follow the characters in cutscenes correctly. -Trying to enter the AGWS shop in Kukai will result in being stuck in a wall HOWEVER you are not required to enter to complete the game (though you'll never be able to attain Shions best abilities)

Looking to cut my retro machines down to 1 DOS 486 / 1 Windows 98 Machine / 1 Windows XP Machine. 98 seems to be the issue with getting one machine that can play older and newer 98 games. Is there a decent solution for 1 98 rig? Could the later, faster 98 games be played on XP?

Are you basically asking about dx7 and dx9 games? If that's the split you want to support, why just not dual-boot a 98box? Then it's more about what video cards you want to use. Let's say something like: use the otherwise unpopular FX5200 for dx7. It sucks for dx9, but then really all of that stuff will work so much nicer on XP. So we're back to needing just one 98.

Not really, some games are very picky and you also need to decide if you want to just play games or play games at their best (audio/video/FPS/frametimes). I am in the second group and having a hard time trying to squeeze as much as I can out of one PC. If I had the cash and space I would custom rack maybe 5-10 PCs with notable hardware and call it a day, because that would probably be so much easier in the end...

Not that deep in Glide yet (and not that intetested in nGlide) but I have a work-in-progress database which does include some A3D compatibility info. It is mostly sourced from online resources such as mobygames, pcgamingwiki, webarchive etc. Please note some of those entries are with question marks and/or obstacles (info on required patches, etc.) and I have barely tested it myself (not that I ever will). Once the database is a little more complete (EAX, Glide, DirectX, ...), hopefully in 2020, I will share it somewhere in a spreadsheet format ? So consider it as sort of a general overview and here is the mentioned sneak peek list of A3D games:

This machine is Win98-Only. And you might want to look out for incompatibility on the software side.I have noticed that some games really require DX7, others DX6. And some will only run with version 9.On the bright side, you are looking for Win98-only and not Win98/Dos hybrid right?

I have a WinME system on a P3-933, GF3 Ti200/Voodoo2 SLI, and SB Audigy that can play pretty much every Win9x game. Anything DOS is out of the picture (I have a dedicated DOS PC). You need to be careful with driver versions to keep compatibility good across game generations. Also, if you care about period correctness, my system will give you fits--cpu from 2000, graphics cards from 1998 and 2001, sound card from 2002.

If you limit to 9x games from '95-'97ish, that work best with hardware that isn't XP-friendly (such as A3D and Voodoo graphics), then your 9x system can be on a much slower platform without sacrificing performance. Somewhere around 500Mhz, GF2/Voodoo2, and SB Live/A3D will work well with old DirectX games, glide, etc, and be more than fast enough to play those games at top speeds. Probably most of the newer 9x games would play fine on XP with a faster processor.

I went through a similar phase, but afterward, I found I spent almost no time on the Win98 and XP system after I had so much fun getting them all set up and games installed. The same games worked just as well with GOG installers on a modern system, so what's the point of another physical computer that I need to hop on to use that's outside of my normal computing area? These games also tend to look normal on an LCD display, whereas DOS games need a CRT to feel authentic. So I pruned out my 98SE system and left myself with one DOS PC (with a Pentium and CRT) and the WinME system mentioned above. I guess it helps that I'm a bit on the older side, so my "glory days" as a gamer were from before Windows 95 was released. I was that guy that tried to ignore Win3.x and hated moving to Windows 95 from DOS when the games I wanted stopped being available on pure DOS. The other tech made me do it begrudgingly, and I eventually got over it.

Off Topic: Is the PC version of Wipeout XL/ 2097 worth playing when there are so many excellent & easy ways to play the PS disk? I do love this game, and I think have all of those other ways. (Currently PS2 Component to 50" plasma. Yum.) Never occured to me to wonder about PC.

Off Topic: Is the PC version of Wipeout XL/ 2097 worth playing when there are so many excellent & easy ways to play the PS disk? I do love this game, and I think have all of those other ways. (Currently PS2 Composite to 50" plasma. Yum.) Never occured to me to wonder about PC.

I suppose it's like other PS1 games vs PC ports - there are pros and cons to them. Last time I played Wipeout 2097 on PC was with a PowerVR card, and this looked better, but I was also experimenting on how fast I could make the game by abusing its speed sensitivity. IIRC, the licenced music is only with the PS1 (don't recall PC having the same tracks), but you can just choose arbitrary custom music through a mixer.

Depends on the person. I personally, think of Playstation exclusively, whenever I hear the name "Wipeout". I bet you can understand my confusion, when some tv show launched with that name. ? To make it even more exciting. Then there is even an Amiga port of one of the many Wipeout games.

2) "More compatible WinXP", example :LGA 775/AM2(+) with DX8/DX9 capable GPU, Aureal/Audigy 2 sound (maybe with addition of OPL3LPT ?).If you have MB for it, you could install second GPU (DX10/DX11 class) with X-Fi sound card, to use on late XP games.

Depends what games are in your catalogue.I find a P3 1Ghz with GF4 Ti4600, Voodoo 2 SLI and Audigy 2 ZS can do all my non XP friendly gaming. D3D, Glide, EAX are all covered. I don't really play any A3d titles

Any games that start pushing any of the above hardware work fine in XP anyway. I actually built a second socket 478 system as a stupid fast Win98 system but end up booting into XP more often then not as its more stable the Win98 can ever be.

Basketball is the most popular and national sport of Lithuania. The Lithuania national basketball team has had significant success in international basketball events, having won the EuroBasket on three occasions (1937, 1939 and 2003), as well a total of 8 other medals in the Eurobasket, the World Championships and the Olympic Games. The men's national team also has extremely high TV ratings as about 76% of the country's population watched their games live in 2014.[488] Lithuania hosted the Eurobasket in 1939 and 2011. The historic Lithuanian basketball team BC Žalgiris, from Kaunas, won the European basketball league Euroleague in 1999. Lithuania has produced a number of NBA players, including Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame inductees Arvydas Sabonis and Šarūnas Marčiulionis,[489] and current NBA players Jonas Valančiūnas, Domantas Sabonis, and Ignas Brazdeikis.[490]

Lithuania has won a total of 26 medals at the Olympic Games, including 6 gold medals in athletics, modern pentathlon, shooting, and swimming. Numerous other Lithuanians won Olympic medals representing Soviet Union. Discus thrower Virgilijus Alekna is the most successful Olympic athlete of independent Lithuania, having won gold medals in the 2000 Sydney and 2004 Athens games, as well as a bronze in 2008 Summer Olympics and numerous World Championship medals. More recently, the gold medal won by a then 15-year-old swimmer Rūta Meilutytė at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London sparked a rise in popularity for the sport in Lithuania.

As with the previous game it is useful to place it on objectives (I.E. Domination flags, Sabotage targets, etc.) and use it as a mine whenever an enemy nears it. This tactic is particularly useful in Domination, as the announcer will comment on when an enemy nears an objective, making it possible to get defensive kills without having to watch the flag. 076b4e4f54


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